Minister Nicholas Dausi calls for death sentence against albino killers

MACHINGA – Information and Communications Technology Minister NICHOLAS DAUSI says there is need for stiffer punishment of criminals who kill people living with albinism.

He has called on the ASSOCIATION OF PERSONS WITH ALBINISM IN MALAWI to lobby world rights defenders like AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL for the application of a death sentence to such elements.

Minister DAUSI has made the remarks at the funeral of an albino boy, MACDONALD MASAMBUKA of MACHINGA District, popularly known in his area as MARK, who had been missing since NINE MARCH this year.

His remarks come after Association and the MALAWI Police Service have engaged in verbal war, blaming each other over measures to contain continued abduction and killings of people with albinism.

Minister DAUSI says the heinous crimes perpetrated against people with albinism can only come to an end with a stiffer punishment in place.

The NYASA TIMES quotes him as saying the government has managed to influence change of the law to provide for tough penalties against people who abuse persons with disabilities.

It says MALAWI has since last year, been facing incidences of abductions and killings of people with albinism, a development that has disturbed peace for such people and their families.

The dreadful killings are due to the myths that human parts of albinos can be used, without any proof, to cure certain diseases as well as to make people rich.

Mothers of albinos can wake up and find their child gone in the morning

The TIMES says the police have so far arrested 12 people, including a cop and family members, in connection with the latest murder case of MASAMBUKA.

Association of Persons with Albinism Coordinator BONIFACE MASSA accuses the police of failing to do enough to contain the situation by providing security to people with albinism.

He also says authorities are not able to trace and bring back missing people with albinism to their families, while the case of MARK should be homework for law enforcement agents.

Mr MASSA says the country is dealing with organised crime and the missing of people how sophisticated the perpetrators are, which gives many security assignments to officers.

He says the Association of Persons with Albinism has tried in the past to do massive awareness campaigns and people have accepted the plight of people with albinism.

The MALAWIAN rights campaigner says the total loss and disappearance of persons with albinism has made them lose trust in the security systems./Sabanews/cam

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