Swazi Police search for their colleague in the bush (Pic. Times of Swaziland)

MHLANE – An officer with the SWAZILAND Police Force has been found dead and his body on fire close to 50 kilometres from the place he had disappeared 24 hours earlier.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the deceased, only named as Sergeant MDUDUZI of MATSAPHA Police Station, reportedly had lost everything to a mysterious fire.

It quotes the bereaved wife, MARY, as saying her late husband had been living a miserable life since AUGUST last year, when all the things he handled went up in smoke.

She says before his death on TUESDAY afternoon, they had gone to the bank to withdraw some money, but the whole amount caught fire in their motor vehicle when they reached home.

Ms MDUDUZI says the late Sergeant got burnt on the stomach as he tried to put out the fire to save the car and the cash.

She says everything he owned has been burnt and in a strange way, from his clothing, work uniform, shoes, food items and even the house they currently occupy at the police camp.

Ms MDUDUZI says each time her late husband withdrew some money, it all got burnt; a situation that has been frustrating him since he was the sole breadwinner in the family.

She says the couple had tried to take Sergeant MDUDUZI to prophets and pastors for prayers in vain; and on the day of his disappearance, he had revealed he was going to kill himself.

His children saw him retrieving a rope before he left the house, and when the wife realised his departure she followed him into the MHLANE Forest, where he usually went after such similar episodes.

However, Ms MDUDUZI says she searched for her late husband but failed to locate him and decided to return to the Camp to inform his colleagues.

More than 100 police officers launched a search for Sergeant MDUDUZI and only found his burning remains near USUTHU River at SIPHOFANENI, about 50 kilometres away from home.

The TIMES says authorities in traditional mysteries describe what had been happening to the late police officer as a curse known as LUBANE.

It says the deceased always wanted to kill himself and people had stopped him from committing suicide many times by shooting himself with his service pistol.

The tearful wife of the deceased SWAZI Police officer says her late husband had remained with nothing after his uniforms, as well as the only clothes donated by church members, all got burnt up too last week./Sabanews/cam

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