Muhimbili National Hospital patients (Pic. The Citizen)

DAR ES SALAAM – The TANZANIA Ports Authority has this week marked its 13TH Anniversary by helping ONE of the busiest medical institutions in the country.

The DAILY NEWS says the firm has donated 20 wheelchairs and 40 digital thermometers to MUHIMBILI National Hospital Paediatric Unit to boost medical service delivery to children.

It says apart from the FOUR-THOUSAND-400 US dollars’ worth of the items, workers of the Ports Authority have also donated blood to save lives of the needy patients.

The Paediatric Unit has 13 divisions covering pulmonology and critical care, neurology, nephrology, adolescent, acute care, infectious or diarrhoea, malnutrition, oncology or hematology, neonatal, gastroenterology, dermatology, diabetes and endocrinology.

The DAILY NEWS says Ports Authority Acting Director General NURU MHANDO has handed over the donation during a ceremony held at the medical centre in the commercial capital, DAR ES SALAAM.

She says her company recognises and values government initiatives to improve medical services; and as a parastatal, the agency has a duty to support delivery of basic community services.

Ms MHANDO says the equipment will ease treatment of children admitted for different ailments, and the Ports Authority will contribute especially to improve services like education, health, development and during natural disasters.

She has expressed hope the support provided will help serve many children who visit the MUHIMBILI National Hospital Paediatric Unit because they are the future, and it is vital the country values their good health.

Ms MHANDO says her company also respects the health of people living around where it operates and of its employees, which is why they have staged a health screening and blood donation exercise to cater for the needy.

The TANZANIA Ports Authority acting boss describes good health as an asset, saying it is important to have knowledge about one’s health and donate blood to save lives in need./Sabanews/cam

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