Poor Dorbabis settlers cry foul (Pic. The Namibian)

DORBABIS – Residents crowded at the DORDABIS settlement in the KHOMAS Region of South-central NAMIBIA are complaining of overwhelming poverty due to overcrowding.

They are crammed on a small, narrow corridor surrounded by privately owned commercial farms; and they access very small pieces of plots on which to grow food for consumption.

The residents say their settlement has no pastures for livestock to graze, and it is impossible for them to get fuel for cooking, since the only wood available is fenced off.

ONE of them, FREDERIKA KOMAGAS, has told NBC News she lives with more than 10 people in a small house built out of corrugated iron sheets.

Poverty has taken over her life, as she is unable to feed the huge family, considering she does not even have a small piece of land on which to start a small garden to grow vegetables.

The national broadcaster says people at DORDABIS face yet another humanitarian situation in which they lack clean drinking water and sanitation facilities.

It quotes their representatives as saying their attempts over the years to lobby local authorities to expand settlement have proved fruitless.

DORBABIS Settlement, 80-kilometres east of WINDHOEK in the WINDHOEK Rural Constituency of the KHOMAS Region, has some ONE-THOUSAND-500 people crowded in it.

Authorities are struggling to meet the high demand for both farming and residential land due to a floppy willing-buyer-willing-seller arrangement it has with white commercial farmers, beneficiaries of the apartheid era.

The World Bank says NAMIBIA has a relatively strong economic growth, but it has not been enough to deal with its levels of poverty, inequality, and unemployment./Sabanews/cam

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