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WINDHOEK – President HAGE GEINGOB of NAMIBIA has denied allegations of earning huge sums of illegal money in the sale of a uranium mine some 11 years ago in his country.

His Lawyer, SISA NAMANDJE, has issued a statement dismissing a media story linking the Head of State to an anti-corruption investigation into the deal involving TREKKOPJE Mine, a large open pit in the Western NAMIBIA region of ERONGO.

Authorities in FRANCE have charged former AREVA Mining Branch Head SÉBASTIEN DE MONTESSUS with corruption in relation to the purchase of TREKKOPJE Mine from URANIM Company of CANADA by AREVA, a FRENCH nuclear giant, in 2007.

President GEINGOB has maintained his HG Consultancy firm only offered advisory services to URANIM between 2006 and 2007, but was not involved in the sale of TREKKOPJE Mine to AREVA.

His lawyer has warned RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONALE to retract its story alleging he is also a target in the anti-corruption investigation against Mr DE MONTESSUS, or face legal action.

President GEINGOB says he was a parliamentary back-bencher, and not a Cabinet Minister when he helped the CANADIAN company to obtain a mining licence in NAMIBIA.

NBC News says FRENCH prosecutors are now investigating the acquisition of URAMIN assets in NAMIBIA, SOUTH AFRICA and the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC.

RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONALE has cited President GEINGOB as a person of interest in the probe, as he reportedly pocketed about 300-THOUSAND US dollars from the TREKKOPJE deal.

President GEINGOB’s lawyer says the Head of State never received any such monies because he had nothing to do with URANIM takeover by AVERA.

The legal expert says no investigator ever approached the President as a party to the matter involving allegations of price inflation in the deal.

Advocate NAMANDJE has dismissed other allegations concerning the alleged payment of EIGHT-MILLION EUROS between 2008 and 2009 to President GEINGOB while he was Trade and Industry Minister.

The lawyer says RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONALE should withdraw what he described as reckless reports against the NAMIBIAN Leader, and has warned failure to do so could result in a lawsuit./Sabanews/cam

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