The good old days: When all seemed alright

HARARE – President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE has not been able to occupy the State House so far because his predecessor is still to remove his belongings.

Unconfirmed media reports say ex-President ROBERT MUGABE and his family have not evacuated ZIMBABWE House, in the capital, HARARE, FOUR months after he left power.

The DAILY NEWS quotes Presidential Spokesperson GEORGE CHARAMBA as saying the former Head of State has all along been still clearing his property from the residence.

Mr MUGABE left power crudely after his ruling ZANU PF Party moved to impeach him following his refusal to obey a Central Committee decision to recall him from government.

The move to remove him from office was as a result of actions by his wife, GRACE, which brought the SADC country to the brink of war,

Ms MUGABE had launched a serious campaign, backed by a number of ministers and members of the ZANU PF officials, to weed out scores of icons of the former liberation movement.

She pushed her husband to dismiss the targeted persons from the party and the government on false accusations of plotting to topple the then 93-year-old man, in power for 37 years.

However, their plot touched nerves when Ms MUGABE openly attacked the then Vice President MNANGAGWA – calling him a gangster – and challenged the military to dare her.

The then Head of State fired his deputy at a mass rally in the commercial capital, BULAWAYO, forcing President MNANGAGWA to flee the country.

The military stepped in and launched what they termed Operation Restore Legacy, after ZANU PF youth leaders repeated the direct challenge by the then FIRST Lady.

Veterans of the ZIMBABWEAN liberation war mobilised masses of people to demonstrate against Mr MUGABE all over the country, forcing him to write his letter of resignation to the Speaker of Parliament, JACOB MUDENDA.

ZANU PF recalled President MNANGAGWA to return and lead the party and government, leading to his inauguration on 24 NOVEMBER at the National Sports Stadium in HARARE.

The DAILY NEWS also says now there are fears among security officials that President MNANGAGWA may not be very safe if he remains in his private residence.

The new ZIMBABWEAN Leader, currently on a crusade to bring his country back onto the global arena, has pledged to do all he can to ensure the safety of the former Head State, with whom he worked for more than 50 years./Sabanews/cam

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