Hyena man out of jail

BLANTYRE – An HIV-positive MALAWIAN man who has been serving a sentence for having ritual sex with more than 100 women and girls is now out of prison.

ERIC ANIVA is HYENA, a traditional title in some parts of the SOUTHERN Region held by a man paid to initiate young women into adulthood through sex.

Cultural researchers say the man has sex with children between the ages of 12 and 17, as a part of a ceremony of passage called KUSASA FUMBI or brushing off the dust; meaning sexual cleansing.

They say the THREE-day-long ritual is believed to prevent disease, since HYENAS are said to be immune to diseases such as HIV and AIDS; although of course some catch fall sick.

The outdated ceremony can place the young girls at risk of HIV infection because the HYENA has sexual intercourse with all the girls; and the ritual requires the exchange of sexual fluids.

The NYASA TIMES says the BLANTYRE Magistrate’s Court in NOVEMBER 2016 jailed ANIVA for TWO years on charges of indulging in harmful cultural practices against the law.

It quotes his Lawyer, MICHEAL GOBA CHIPETA, as saying the former 47-year-old convict has been out of prison since DECEMBER 2017 after he served his full sentence.

ANIVA appeared in a BBC feature in which he confessed to having sex with 104 women and girls, prompting President PETER MUTHARIKA to order his arrest and that of all HYENAS.

Sexual cleansing exposes girls and women to HIV infection

Sexual cleansing involving HYENAS is known as Kulowa Kufa, a practice in which women take part at different points in their life, including if their husband has died or if they have an abortion.

Primitive-thinking families send young girls to initiation camps before puberty to learn how to have sex, over THREE days after their FIRST period, supposedly to avoid infection with their parents or the rest of the community.

Generally, sexual cleansing is an outdated AFRICAN tradition practiced in parts of KENYA, ZAMBIA, MALAWI, UGANDA, TANZANIA, MOZAMBIQUE, ANGOLA, IVORY COAST, and CONGO./Sabanews/cam

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