A community school class in Zambia

CHAWAMA – The authorities in ZAMBIA have been urged to support children from poor communities in their search for education.

ZNBC News says the call comes from Policy Monitoring and Research Centre Executive Director BENADETTE DEKA.

It says she has led a team from the group to paint a Teen and Youth Ablaze community school in the CHAWAMA Township of the capital, LUSAKA.

Ms DEKA says there is a lot of potential that needs to be tapped from children in high-density compounds and remote areas.

She says education should be a priority for everyone, regardless of where they are coming from, if the country is to address the issues of poverty.

Ms DEKA has applauded the young people of CHAWAMA for starting up a community school, which she says will go a long way in promoting elementary education in the country.

She also calls on other youths to emulate what the owners of TAYA Community School have done, a project likely to add to the number of children attending school.

The Centre’s Research and Analysis Head, SALIM KAUNDA, has called on all ZAMBIANS to support the initiative by the youths.

The ZAMBIAN Policy Monitoring and Research Centre is a public policy think tank established in 2012 to promote public understanding through research and education./Sabanews/cam

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