WINDHOEK – Police in NAMIBIA have impounded a number of taxis after stopping protesting drivers from besieging the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Disgruntled taxi drivers abandon vehicles in Hosea Kutako Drive (Pic. The Namibian)

NBC News says the authorities seized the abandoned vehicles along the HOSEA KUTAKO Drive in the capital, WINDHOEK.

It says the protestors wanted to confront the Transport Ministry to demand a response to their petitions, which they had filed last month and this week.

They allegedly abandoned their vehicles on the road near the City Police Head Office, where the law-enforcement agents had intercepted them before reaching the Ministry.

NBC News says the NAMIBIA TRANSPORT AND TAXI UNION has been demanding for reduced traffic fines, a 20-percent rise in fares and for government recognition of the group.

It says Union President WERNER JANUARY has told a gathering of about 300 taxi drivers they can sue the government with help from a SOUTH AFRICAN sponsor.

The organisation had given the authorities some TWO hours to respond to its demands before the confrontation with the police and the subsequent seizure of the vehicles.

The national broadcaster quotes a media statement by Transport Minister JOHN MUTORWA as saying he is ready to engage the NAMIBIA TRANSPORT AND TAXI UNION.

However, he says the President of the labour group never wrote or spoke to him but he is ready to listen to any grievances from all stakeholders.

The Minister says the NAMIBIAN Government intends to work with people involved in the taxi industry to find amicable solutions, which are in line with relevant laws./Sabanews/cam

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