Tanzanian scientists re-introduce rare toads to Kihansi Falls (Pic. Daily News)

MOROGORO – Science experts in TANZANIA have successfully reintroduced thousands of KIHANSI Spray Toads to their natural settings in the eastern region of MOROGORO.

The DAILY NEWS says the NINE-THOUSAND-873 toads are now back at the KIHANSI Falls in the KIHANSI Gorge located at the foot of the UDZUNGWA Mountains.

It says the reintroduction started slowly in 2012 after scientists were able to co-inhabit them with the chytrid fungus, which led to the massive deaths of the rare species in the early 2000s.

The toads, only available in TANZANIA, emanated from the 500 taken to AMERICA where they were bred in captivity at both BRONX Zoo and TOLEDO Zoo to save them from extinction in their area.

The rare Kihansi Spray toad

A University of DAR ES SALAAM Laboratory Scientist says the toads they are returning to their natural environment are the mixture from the University of DAR ES SALAAM Lab and Wildlife Research Institute Lab located at KIHANSI.

CHARLES MSUYA says the KIHANSI Spray Toads have a long history and the reintroduction work as well as the research of their lives and enemies is not easy.

He also says all the stakeholders should dedicate their time in ensuring the safety of the toads, which the authorities discovered in the early 1990s and proved them different from others of their kind.

Mr MSUYA says the toads started dying following the construction of Lower KIHANSI Dam.

He says as they were flew to the UNITED STATES, the environmental experts discussed with the TANZANIA Electric Supply Company who agreed to release some water from the dam to help restore the conditions at the KIHANSI Gorge.

The FIRST batch of the toads returned to the country in 2011 when their reintroduction to the natural settings failed because the situation was not yet good for them.

Mr MSUYA says they then improved the infrastructure to make the environment more favourable.

The DAILY NEWS also quotes an assistant lecturer at the University of DAR ES SALAAM, NASSORO MOHAMMED who took the toads to KIHANSI from the labs, as saying the toads have arrived safely.

However, he says THREE out of the initial ONE-THOUSAND have died on the way, a development that is concerning the authorities; and they need to find out why this happened.

Nevertheless, an Environment Officer from the National Environmental Management Council HENRIC MWALONGO, says the reintroduction activity was successful and encouraging.

The government of TANZANIA is committed to ensure the toads are safe and are surviving, and it is talking with villages in IRINGA and MOROGORO regions bordering KIHANSI to avoid encroaching water sources./Sabanews/cam



President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Qatar (Pic. Agencies)

DOHA – President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE continues with his fight to win back the international community that had abandoned his SADC country for almost TWO decades.

As world leaders begin to develop confidence in his pledge of ZIMBABWE being open for business again, a number of them are warming up to the former guerrilla fighter who took over from deposed Dictator ROBERT MUGABE.

President MNANGAGWA is now in QATAR at the invitation of Sheikh TAMIM BIN HAMAD AL-THANI, Leader of the oil-rich ARAB nation with whom he held talks on MONDAY.

Media reports say their discussions centred mostly on ways to boost and develop bilateral ties and cooperation, particularly in the fields of industrial and commercial investments, as well as agriculture.

The reports say both leaders have expressed hope and pledged to ensure the relations they are growing will benefit both countries equally.

They have also witnessed the signing of an agreement on economic, trade and technical cooperation between the governments of QATAR and ZIMBABWE.

President MNANGAGWA rose to power last NOVEMBER after the military led a peaceful mass protest against Mr MUGABE, who had unleashed his wife against perceived political enemies.

Mr MUGABE, now 94, resigned from office after 37 years at the helm following a recall from the ruling ZANU PF; but he has turned around and claims the present administration is a product of a coup de tat, and therefore illegitimate.

Political commentators say they believe President MNANGAGWA is doing well in his diplomatic offensive, but he is paying insufficient attention to urgent domestic issues bedevilling the people.

The major outcry hinges on continuous shortages of cash, destroyed infrastructure, idle industrial structures, as well as the general wellbeing of the ordinary person.

Opposition MDC-T Leader NELSON CHAMISA has told his party supporters at a recent rally the MNANGAGWA Administration has failed because it has failed to correct the issue of governance.

He says the 75-year-old Head of State should have invited the opposition groups that stood with him when the country got rid of his predecessor, and formed a transitional government, instead of insisting on elections.

However, unconfirmed reports seem to indicate President MNANGAGWA has plans to deal with the domestic issues as soon as he finishes with the global lobby.

He has reportedly addressed ZIMBABWEANS living in QATAR heads are going to roll in the civil service once the forthcoming general elections, expected around JULY, are over.

ZIMBABWE is currently economically at a standstill, despite a new dispensation, although there is a semblance of infrastructural development activities here and there./Sabanews/cam



Presidents Masisis of Botswana and Faure of Seychelles (Pic. SNA)

VICTORIA – President MOKGWEETSI MASISI of BOTSWANA has visited yet another SADC country on his tour of the region following his inauguration on the FIRST of APRIL.

He has met with the President DANNY FAURE of SEYCHELLES and discussed the various bilateral engagements of the TWO countries, mainly on the positive ties they share in the field of education.

BOTSWANA and SEYCHELLES have a SEPTEMBER 2015 deal under which secondary school teachers from the western INDIAN Ocean island nation can pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Education at the University of BOTSWANA.

SEYCHELLES national news agency, SNA, says in exchange, teachers from BOTSWANA can fill the shortage of teachers in different schools in SEYCHELLES.

It says the TWO leaders and their respective delegations had breakfast before the morning meeting, to enhance relations in the context of a proposed General Cooperation Agreement.

President MASISI has visited the SEYCHELLES Botanical Gardens after his meeting at State House, and has taken part in a tree planting activity before leaving on TUESDAY afternoon.

The 55-year-old BOTSWANA Leader is the FIFTH Head of State after President IAN KHAMA, who stepped down after completing the constitutional maximum of 10 years in office.

SNA says the next general elections in BOTSWANA are scheduled to take place in October 2019.
BOTSWANA and SEYCHELLES are members of the SADC Regional economic BLOCK comprising 15 member states.

SADC came into being in 1992 with commitment to regional integration and poverty eradication within Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA, through economic development as well as ensuring peace and security./Sabanews/cam


ZANZIBAR President Ali Mohamed Shein (Pic. Daily News)

NORTH UNGUJA – The Vice-Chairman for ZANZIBAR in the ruling CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI Party of TANZANIA has given a stern warning to underperforming lawmakers and councillors in his semi-autonomous country.

ALI MOHAMED SHEIN, who is the President of ZANZIBAR, says such people will not get another chance to represent the party in the 2020 general elections.

The DAILY NEWS says he has ordered his party regional and district political committees in North UNGUJA Region to assess the performance of their MPs, Representatives, and Councillors.

It says the evaluation will focus on efficient execution of the CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI 2015-to-2020 Election Manifesto and will deny nomination forms for the next elections to failures.

President SHEIN says MPs, Representatives, and Councillors are obliged to oversee a fruitful implementation of the party election manifesto in their respective constituencies and wards, and the requirement is not an option.

The daily newspaper says he has issued the stern warning during an intra-party meeting with CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI 10-cell leaders in the North-A District in North UNGUJA.

President SHEIN says any elected leader who will not fulfil his or her election promises should not get another chance to bear the party flag in the 2020 polls.

He emphasises the ruling party will have no mercy with political flops, saying nominating failures will undermine CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI chances of winning enough seats in the National Assembly.

President SHEIN has made the remarks in response to a statement by North UNGUJA Party Chairman IDD ALI AME, saying the political committee had received complaints against non-performing leaders during a regional tour to strengthen the party.

Mr AME says the regional political committee visited NINE constituencies within the region and met voters who complained about leaders who had failed to honour pledges they made during the 2015 General Elections.

President SHEIN says the TANZANIAN CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI has confidence in 10-cell leaders, who play a crucial role to maintain the party’s winning position during elections, and are close to the citizens, creating a bond with the voters.

ZANZIBAR is a semi-autonomous region of TANZANIA and comprises the mainland, many small islands and TWO large ones – UNGUJA, the main island referred to informally as ZANZIBAR, and the PEMBA Island./Sabanews/cam



VICTORIA – The SEYCHELLES will be launching a new project to provide accurate and updated information on the status of its forests, including data on common and native species.

The national news agency, SNA says the scheme will be through a national forest inventory under the Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Climate Change with technical support from the Food and Agriculture Organisation.

It quotes an official from the Forestry Section as saying the integrated forest land and tree resources assessment at the national level will allow the country to produce the required information for policy and decision-making.

JOHN QUILINDO says the exercise started this month and will produce the necessary data to allow compliance with international reporting requirements.

The global obligations include the UNITED NATIONS Framework Convention on Climate Change, Convention on Biological Diversity and Global Forest Resources Assessment.

Mr QUILINDO says the SEYCHELLES Forest Inventory is long overdue, as the last such record in the group of islands in the western INDIAN Ocean dates back to 1993.

He says 25 years later, the project aims to introduce a fresh data-collection system including all the new requirements; and it will improve transparency, consistency, and provide world standards for reporting purposes.

National Parks Authority Director JASON JACQUELINE, whose department has a duty to manage all forests classified as protected areas, says the inventory will cover more than TWO years and provide much-needed information.

He says the ministry will have no idea of what it is managing and how it is doing it without the record; and this is a big disadvantage for the country, since the latest technology will be at work in the new assessment.

The technology will include remote sensing and satellite images, while all the sophisticated equipment and tools can link directly to a computer and internet; making it much easier for officials to process information collected.

Mr QUILINDO says the Food and Agriculture Organisation will train technicians and forestry officers in the new technology.

The SEYCHELLES official says sustainable management of forest land and tree resources requires adequate and reliable information about the extent and state of the existing resources and changes over time./Sabanews/cam



Presidents Masisi of Botswana and Mutharika of Malawi

BLANTYRE – The SADC vision for an integrated region is showing real signs of success, as member countries continue to come up with more bilateral deals in line with the Common Agenda.

The SADC Common Agenda is to a set of key principles and values guiding the plans of the 15-member economic bloc in its quest to amalgamate.

The latest nations to demonstrate their support for the program are BOTSWANA and MALAWI, whose leaders have resolved to strengthen the diplomatic ties they have been enjoying since 1964.

President PETER MUTHARIKA of MALAWI has hosted President MOKGWEETSI MASISI, who has been on a ONE-day-long State visit at SANJIKA Palace in the commercial capital, BLANTYRE.

The TWO leaders have addressed journalists after their closed-door meeting, saying it is now time for BOTSWANA and MALAWI to harvest more from their 54-year-old ties.

They say their SADC member countries should now share technical expertise in areas including tourism, mining, livestock science, and education.

President MASISI says BOTSWANA and MALAWI have been friendly for decades, and they now just want to rejuvenate the relationship for their mutual benefit.

He has described MALAWI as having hardworking people, saying he is a product of TWO MALAWIAN teachers, FELIX MUNTHALI and DAVID LUBADIRI, who have contributed a lot in BOTSWANA’s education sector.

President MASISI says MALAWI now needs expertise, which he feels BOTSWANA can provide.

The MALAWIAN Head of State has in turn, commended the mining legislation in BOTSWANA, which MALAWI can learn from as the country is working to draft its own.

President MUTHARIKA says he has told the MALAWIAN Parliament his government is drafting a mining law and can borrow from the good example of BOTSWANA, which also has excellent livestock sciences from which his country can learn.

BOTSWANA and MALAWI are party to the SADC Common Agenda, meant to promote viable economic growth to alleviate and ultimately end poverty as well as to enhance the standard and quality of life of the people./Sabanews/cam



Women and children are often the most exposed to trafficking (Pic. Agencies)

WINDHOEK – The WINDHOEK High Court in NAMIBIA has delayed to FOUR JUNE the trial of a woman facing charges of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of a minor.

NBC News says Judge NAOMI SHIVUTE has made the decision to allow the State to arrange for a victim-friendly court.

It says TUUFILWA NDAWINA JONAS (32) allegedly deceived a 15-year-old girl from OKAHENGE Village in the northern region of OMUSATI with promises of employment.

She allegedly took the child to OKAHANDJA City in OTJOZONDJUPA Region, Central NAMIBIA, 70 kilometres north of the capital, WINDHOEK.

The State claims the suspect forced the 15-year-old to move in with JOHN PUARIUNE as his sex partner, to cover for her bus fare of 200 NAMIBIA dollars (about 16 US dollars).

Ms JONAS allegedly also took the minor to another house to live with yet another man, and the kid fell pregnant.

Earlier media reports say the accused approached the schoolgirl in APRIL 2012 and convinced her to leave school so as to take up a job available in OKAHANDJA City.

The NAMIBIAN newspaper says Ms JONAS had allegedly promised to get a girl for Mr PUARIUNE, the FIRST man to rape the minor in this case.

Judge SHIVUTE has set the trial to run from the FOURTH to the 14TH of next month, while Ms JONAS remains in custody at the KLEIN WINDHOEK Police Station holding cells.

The country reportedly is a place of origin, transit, and destination for foreign and local children as well as women, and possibly for men, trafficked for forced labour and forced prostitution.

NAMIBIAN rural women and children, even orphans, are the most exposed to traffickers who lure them to urban centres and commercial farms with promises of genuine work for good wages they may never receive./Sabanews/cam



Former Commerce Minister (now Finance Minister) Margaret Mwanakatwe launches Go-now Zambia Motor Vehicle Assembly in December 2016 (Pic. Zambia Daily Mail)

LUSAKA – ZAMBIA says it is expecting to be power sufficient within the next 10 years.

Energy Minister MATTHEW NKHUWA says more investors have expressed interest to invest in the sector.

He has told ZNBC News in an interview the country aims at intensifying production in areas marked for electricity production through its various power generation projects.

Minister NKHUWA says the authorities are also working on plans to start nuclear power generation.

The State expects implementation of such projects to go a long way in building the generation and supply capacity of power needed for the national economy to thrive.

Meanwhile, the government has released 45-MILLION kwacha (about FOUR-MILLION-495-THOUSAND US dollars) for the completion of the substation in the LUSAKA SOUTH Multi-Facility Economic Zone.

The LUSAKA SOUTH Multi-Facility Economic Zone Managing Director says completion of the substation is bound to attract many companies to set up business in the area.

MUKELA LUBASI has spoken to ZNBC News in the capital, LUSAKA, saying the Multi-Facility Economic Zone is now focusing on infrastructure development to make it more attractive to investors.

She says the project has this year signed FOUR agreements worth 10-MILLION US dollars with investors.

Ms LUBASI says the Multi-Facility Economic Zone has offered land worth ONE-BILLION-400-MILLION dollars to 43 companies, 10 of which are already on the ground.

The ZAMBIAN official has since called on local and foreign firms to take advantage of the government incentives and invest in the LUSAKA SOUTH Multi-Facility Economic Zone.

The Government of ZAMBIA introduced the Multi-Facility Economic Zone program in 2005 through JAPAN International Corporation Agency./Sabanews/cam



Basters commemorate Battle of Sam Khubis (Pic. Namibian Sun)

REHOBOTH – The REHOBOTH BASTER community in Central NAMIBIA has been engaged in a series of activities to prepare for the Battle of SAM KHUBIS today (TUESDAY).

The BASTERS are said to be an ethnic group whose ancestors were EUROPEAN settlers and indigenous AFRICAN women from the DUTCH CAPE Colony who speak AFRIKAANS.

They are generally the NAMIBIAN equivalent or subgroup of the coloureds of SOUTH AFRICA, bearing the same racially mixed Black and AFRIKANER ancestry.

Each year on EIGHT MAY, the BASTER community observes the Battle and Vow at SAM-KHUBIS on the C-24 highway, 80 kilometres south-west of REHOBOTH City.

Many people arrive and camp for the night a day before the commemoration day at the battle site marked by a cemetery and a memorial stone bearing the vow made by the ancestors.

The main event to mark the start of the Battle of SAM KHUBIS takes place before sunrise, with speeches and a memorial service on EIGHT MAY; while activities end at midday.

NBC News says the 2018 Commemorations kicked off SIX days ago with a church service at FARM UITDRAAI, where the BASTER Vow was renewed.

It says participants proceeded to FARM GARIS, where the GERMANS wiped out the family of the then BASTER Kaptein, CORNELIUS VAN WYK.

SAM KHUBIS Festival Committee Chairperson ALBERT ALBERTS has told the media the GERMAN colonial army attacked the BASTERS on the EIGHTH of MAY 1915.

He says fear of total extinction created a strong sense of common destiny among the BASTER people, as they retreated to their last stronghold at SAM KHUBIS.

Mr ALBERTS says tensions started on 13 APRIL 1915, when the community defied GERMAN demands for it to send troops to OTJIWARONGO to guard prisoners of war.

NBC News also says a drama group is scheduled to perform a play tomorrow in the afternoon depicting the events of the Battle of SAM KHUBIS, ONE of the major fights against GERMAN colonial rule in NAMIBIA./Sabanews/cam



ANKARA – The ZAMBIA Ambassador Designate to TURKEY has assured journalists President EDGAR LUNGA attaches great importance to freedom of the press.

JOSEPH CHILENGI says the attitude of the Head of State towards the media shows in the efforts of his administration to create a conducive environment for media personnel to operate freely.

Ambassador CHILENGI has made the assurance when he addressed FIVE ZNBC staff members receiving training at the TURKISH Radio and Television Network.

ZNBC News says the journalists called on the Envoy at the ZAMBIAN Chancery in the TURKISH capital, ANKARA City in central ANATOLIA Region.

Ambassador CHILENGI has also commended ZNBC for streaming live the 19:00 hours’ news, which he says is an innovation that has helped ZAMBIANS in the diaspora to get accurate and reliable information about their country.

Meanwhile, he has encouraged ZNBC staffers to take interest in the social and economic aspects of TURKEY, so they can package informative and educative news to influence positive decision-making for national development back home.

Ambassador CHILENGI says the Embassy in TURKEY will continue to facilitate training programs for ZNBC in order to improve personnel capacity.

In another development, Information Minister DORA SILIYA says the media has the right to hold the State accountable, but they should avoid forcing people in authority to question their agenda.

The Chief Government Spokesperson has addressed a gathering in KITWE Town to mark the World Press Freedom Day, under the theme: KEEPING POWER IN CHECK, JUSTICE AND THE RULE OF LAW.

Minister SILIYA has defended the introduction of cyber laws, saying they do not mean to limit the media space but to protect members of the public against mistreatment.

She says journalists should implement the self-regulatory body to promote professionalism and responsibility, and she challenges public media managers to design lucrative business models.

Minister SILIYA also says the EDGAR LUNGU Administration will find an answer to the challenges facing the State-controlled ZAMBIA DAILY MAIL and TIMES OF ZAMBIA.

Different officials in the ZAMBIA media groups have attended World Press Freedom Day ceremonies this THURSDAY; calling for improved working conditions for journalists, as well as their protection against muzzling under cyber laws./Sabanews/cam