Kraaifontein residents are up in arms demanding houses (Pic. Agencies)

CAPE TOWN – Violent protests for accommodation have blocked some roads around SCOTTSDENE Housing Offices in KRAAIFONTEIN outside CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA.

SABC News says the ferocious demonstrations broke out earlier this week due to the illegal occupation of newly completed houses in the area.

It quotes CAPE TOWN Traffic Spokesperson RICHARD COLEMAN as saying the protestors have been pelting motorists with stones and burning rubble in the roadway.

He says roads are closed due to stone throwing and burning rubble, so they ask motorists just to be cautious in the area; and where officers are on duty, they will divert traffic where necessary.

The latest development comes after a group of KRAAIFONTEIN residents protested outside the WESTERN CAPE High Court last month, calling for more low-income houses in their area.

Media reports say the protestors approached the Court for an interdict against private property developers who have built housing units in SCOTTSDENE.

They say the group of about 100 residents marched from the CAPE TOWN Train Station to the High Court, saying they are tired of being ignored when it comes to housing chances in KRAAIFONTEIN.

Residents says private property developers CALGRO M-THREE Consortium hired a security firm to evict them from a SCOTTSDENE development they had been occupying illegally.

However, they sought an interdict against the developers; claiming the security guards used unnecessary force and injured many people, including children.

EYEWITNESS NEWS says the developers also approached the Court for an interdict to get the residents off their property.

It says KRAAIFONTEIN Ward Councillor GRANT TWIGG received a memorandum of grievances from the group.

The SOUTH AFRICAN developers want the property to build housing units for middle-income earners, in SCOTTSDENE, with residents demanding the land be used for low-income housing./Sabanews/cam



Ajay Gupta captured on video (Pic. Mail & Guardian)

JOHANNESBURG – SOUTH AFRICA wants the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES to hand over TWO rich INDIAN-born men who are wanted on a variety of crimes.

SOUTH AFRICAN Justice Minister MICHAEL MASUTHA says he has started talks with the UAE to establish a treaty to allow extradition of the GUPTA brothers.

The GUPTAS are a wealthy INDIAN-born SOUTH AFRICAN family, with most notable members being the brothers AJAY, ATUL, RAJESH, and nephews VARUN as well as UNITED STATES-based ASHISH and AMOL.

Their business empire covers computer equipment, media, and mining, but they have been the focus of widespread scrutiny due to their close ties to former President JACOB ZUMA when he was in power.

Justice Minister MASUTHA says he has met with the UAE Ambassador to SOUTH AFRICA to discuss the need to establish a mutual legal assistance and extradition deal between the TWO countries.

The GUPTAS are wanted for alleged involvement in State Capture, a systemic political corruption where private interests influence government decisions to their own advantage.

Records show the World Bank FIRST used the term to describe the situation in Central ASIAN countries making the transition from SOVIET communism.

Minister MASUTHA says recent reports indicate the suspects are hiding in DUBAI, UAE, and the Ambassador has expressed desire to facilitate the speeding up of the extradition.

He says a number of SOUTH AFRICANS are in the UAE for different purposes; which is why stronger relations are vital, to ensure legal systems work in a mutually supportive manner.

The crime the GUPTA brothers are facing, State Capture, seeks to influence the formation of laws to promote influential private interests: unlike most other corruption forms that instead seek selective enforcement of existing laws.

Media reports say SOUTH AFRICA and the UAE do not have an agreement, but it does not mean SOUTH AFRICA cannot apply to the UAE to have suspects extradited./Sabanews/cam



Gaza strip conflict continues (Pic. Daily Mail)

LUANDA – ANGOLA has strongly condemned the aggression of ISRAELI forces against PALESTINIANS, calling on the parties involved to exercise restraint and resume dialogue.

The JOAO LOURENCO Government has made the remarks in a statement issued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

National news agency, ANGOP, quotes officials as saying ANGOLA has been following up with great concern the latest developments in the PALESTINIAN territory.

They say the violent situation in the MIDDLE EAST undermines world efforts to ensure talks based on UN resolutions establishing the existence of TWO states as the fair and lasting solution.

The ANGOLAN call comes as ISRAEL and PALESTINE enter a new stage in the conflict, worsened by transfer of the UNITED STATES Embassy from TEL AVIV to JERUSALEM.

JERUSALEM, which PALESTINE claims to be its own capital, is a city described as crucial to political stability in the MIDDLE EAST.

Some 55 PALESTINIANS have been killed and about THREE-THOUSAND others injured as clashes turned deadly and more violent after the opening of the AMERICAN Embassy in JERUSALEM.

FRANCE, BRITAIN, SOUTH AFRICA, TURKEY, and recently ANGOLA, have called on ISRAEL to exercise restraint, but President BENJAMIN NETANYAHU blames HAMAS for the situation.

Political experts say HAMAS is a PALESTINIAN SUNNI-ISLAMIST fundamentalist group that has a social service wing, the DAWAH, and a military wing, the IZZ AD-DIN AL-QASSAM Brigades.

Meanwhile, the SOUTHERN AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY, SADC has strongly condemned the killing of PALESTINIANS in GAZA by ISRAELI armed forces.

SADC Executive Secretary STERGOMENA TAX has posted a TWITTER message saying the attack against the PALESTINIANS has led to the deaths of civilians along the GAZA Border.

PALESTINIANS have marched at 13 different locations along the GAZA Border fence, forcing ISRAELI troops to open fire, killing more than they ever did since the launch Operation Protective Edge in 2014./Sabanews/cam


Nkonyeni Lodge and Golf Estate Hotel in Manzini District (Pic. Trip Advisor)

MBABANE – President EDGAR LUNGU of ZAMBIA is reportedly set to make SWAZILAND, now known as the KINGDOM OF ESWATINI, his SECOND home.

Media reports claim he plans to build a mansion worth millions of US dollars in the NKONYENI area of MANZINI District.
The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says it has information the stately home will be on Lot 225 of FARM NKONYENI THREE, past SIDVOKODVO area.
It says ZAMBIAN media have already spread the news about the alleged mansion, with opposition parties questioning it and demanding to know how President LUNGU acquired the land.
The TIMES says a leaked architectural plan of the structure reveals it was done by a company known as ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL, based in the SWAZI capital of MBABANE.
It says copies of the drawing, already circulating on different social media platforms and online newspapers, show the plan of the building was revised last NOVEMBER.
Meanwhile, ZAMBIAN media quote Information and Broadcasting Minister DORA SILIYA as confirming President LUNGU owns land which the authorities gave him in SWAZILAND.
The DIGGERS NEWS and the ZAMBIA ONLINE allege Minister SILIYA has told a press conference at her offices it is normal for a president to own land in a foreign country.
She says national leaders receive many gifts when they travel, and, in this case, President LUNGU got a piece of land that has been processed has title deeds.
Minister SILIYA says there is nothing sinister about such a development, although some people like to create stories even when there are no stories.
The TIMES says there are reports saying the house planned for the piece of land owned by the ZAMBIAN Leader in SWAZILAND will cost about THREE-MILLION-900-THOUSAND US dollars.
However, the SWAZI TIMES papers from the Deeds Registry Public Information Centre show the area in question comprises about 90 plots owned by INYATSI PROPERTIES Limited.
The records say RUDOLPH Investments initially owned the area, measuring FOUR-THOUSAND-105 square metres approved by the surveyor general in MARCH 2009.
INYATSI PROPERTIES Limited lawfully acquired the property from RUDOLPH Investments via a deed of transfer processed last year through S V MDLADLA AND ASSOCIATES.
The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says efforts to get a comment from ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL have failed, after the firm emphasised it does not discuss matters relating to clients./Sabanews/cam



Dr Benson Tembo – Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority Technical Advisor (Pic. The Nation)

BLANTYRE – The MALAWI Communications Regulatory Authority, MACRA, has threatened to close down all broadcasters who fail to submit their audited accounts.

MACRA Digital Broadcasting Technical Advisor BENSON TEMBO says the Authority will ban stations that deliberately ignore professional ethics to please their masters, as the country approaches general elections.

He says the conditions are the licencing requirements that the country should not be discussing or debating, because all the broadcasters know the system.

Mr TEMBO says audited accounts will enable MACRA to charge the broadcasters a levy for a Universal Service Fund, under which media houses pay individual fees according to their incomes.

The former Director General of the national broadcaster says the proposed Fund aims to ensure every MALAWIAN has access to information technology and broadcasting services.

Mr TEMBO says the authorities know about the hard-to-reach areas without radio or television signals; and the Fund will help correct the situation.

Meanwhile, MACRA Broadcasting Director FEGUS LIPENGA says media houses should avoid sensational news reports as the country moves towards general polls.

The MALAWI Electoral Commission launched the 2019 Tripartite Elections on 20 FEBRUARY 2018 at the BINGU International Conference Centre in the capital, LILONGWE.

Mr LIPENGA says some journalists are not even ashamed to air false information, and the Authority will equally not hesitate to deal with them – because broadcasting is a regulated market.

He also says all broadcasters should provide reliable and diversified coverage of politics, in order to improve the broadcasting industry in the country.

The TWO MALAWIAN officials were speaking during a stakeholder workshop on draft rules for the planned Universal Services Fund at SUNBIRD CAPITAL Hotel in the capital, LILONGWE./Sabanews/cam



Namibian Police and Anti-poaching Unit recover elephant tusks in Zambezi Region (Pic. The Namibian)

WINDHOEK – The NAMIBIA Anti-Poaching Unit has received a large consignment of equipment to protect the national environment, amid increased cases of poaching in the north.

The shipment includes 30 off-road vehicles, 500 tents, 600 moisture-proof pads, 600 sleeping bags, 100 binoculars, ONE-THOUSAND mosquito nets, and 100 solar powered batteries.

NBC News says National Assembly Speaker PETER KATJAVIVI has thanked the CHINESE NATIONAL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS for the donation.

He has told delegates to a ceremony to hand over the equipment to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism Anti-Poaching Unit the ASIAN country continues to help NAMIBIA.

The Chairperson of the CHINESE NATIONAL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS, LI ZANSHUN, has presented the donation to Environment Minister POHAMBA SHIFETA.

Minister SHIFETA says the gift has made a significant impact on the fight against poaching in the SADC country.

The massive donation comes amid reports saying poachers killed as many as 245 elephants between 2014 and 2017 in NAMIBIA, with 17 of the jumbos gunned down in 2017 alone.

ONE newspaper report says 246 people arrested for the crime include 180 NAMIBIANS, 23 ANGOLANS, 19 ZAMBIANS, 13 CHINESE, SIX BATSWANA, THREE CONGOLESE as well as a TANZANIAN and a ZIMBABWEAN.

Environmental authorities say NAMIBIA has the SECOND largest population of rhino in the world, boasting of about TWO-THOUSAND-800 rhinos and more than 22-THOUSAND elephants by 2016 end.

The world’s highest rhino population is in SOUTH AFRICA, home to both the black rhino and the white rhino that has been re-introduced to BOTSWANA, NAMIBIA, SWAZILAND, and ZIMBABWE.

Records say the majority of the black rhino population, some 98 percent, is concentrated in SOUTH AFRICA, NAMIBIA, ZIMBABWE, and KENYA, with SOUTH AFRICA carrying 40 percent of the total black rhinos.

Meanwhile, NBC News says the Chairperson of the CHINESE NATIONAL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS has told a consultative meeting CHINA remains committed to support and strengthen bilateral ties with NAMIBIA.

The national broadcaster says CHINA and NAMIBIA have a number of deals in a variety of sectors, while their parliaments have agreed to strengthen their respective national laws and policies.

The NAMIBIAN National Assembly Speaker has expressed delight at the partnership with CHINA, under which NAMIBIA will acquire vast knowledge to improve its own domestic legislation./Sabanews/cam