ANKARA – The ZAMBIA Ambassador Designate to TURKEY has assured journalists President EDGAR LUNGA attaches great importance to freedom of the press.

JOSEPH CHILENGI says the attitude of the Head of State towards the media shows in the efforts of his administration to create a conducive environment for media personnel to operate freely.

Ambassador CHILENGI has made the assurance when he addressed FIVE ZNBC staff members receiving training at the TURKISH Radio and Television Network.

ZNBC News says the journalists called on the Envoy at the ZAMBIAN Chancery in the TURKISH capital, ANKARA City in central ANATOLIA Region.

Ambassador CHILENGI has also commended ZNBC for streaming live the 19:00 hours’ news, which he says is an innovation that has helped ZAMBIANS in the diaspora to get accurate and reliable information about their country.

Meanwhile, he has encouraged ZNBC staffers to take interest in the social and economic aspects of TURKEY, so they can package informative and educative news to influence positive decision-making for national development back home.

Ambassador CHILENGI says the Embassy in TURKEY will continue to facilitate training programs for ZNBC in order to improve personnel capacity.

In another development, Information Minister DORA SILIYA says the media has the right to hold the State accountable, but they should avoid forcing people in authority to question their agenda.

The Chief Government Spokesperson has addressed a gathering in KITWE Town to mark the World Press Freedom Day, under the theme: KEEPING POWER IN CHECK, JUSTICE AND THE RULE OF LAW.

Minister SILIYA has defended the introduction of cyber laws, saying they do not mean to limit the media space but to protect members of the public against mistreatment.

She says journalists should implement the self-regulatory body to promote professionalism and responsibility, and she challenges public media managers to design lucrative business models.

Minister SILIYA also says the EDGAR LUNGU Administration will find an answer to the challenges facing the State-controlled ZAMBIA DAILY MAIL and TIMES OF ZAMBIA.

Different officials in the ZAMBIA media groups have attended World Press Freedom Day ceremonies this THURSDAY; calling for improved working conditions for journalists, as well as their protection against muzzling under cyber laws./Sabanews/cam

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