Namibian Police and Anti-poaching Unit recover elephant tusks in Zambezi Region (Pic. The Namibian)

WINDHOEK – The NAMIBIA Anti-Poaching Unit has received a large consignment of equipment to protect the national environment, amid increased cases of poaching in the north.

The shipment includes 30 off-road vehicles, 500 tents, 600 moisture-proof pads, 600 sleeping bags, 100 binoculars, ONE-THOUSAND mosquito nets, and 100 solar powered batteries.

NBC News says National Assembly Speaker PETER KATJAVIVI has thanked the CHINESE NATIONAL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS for the donation.

He has told delegates to a ceremony to hand over the equipment to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism Anti-Poaching Unit the ASIAN country continues to help NAMIBIA.

The Chairperson of the CHINESE NATIONAL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS, LI ZANSHUN, has presented the donation to Environment Minister POHAMBA SHIFETA.

Minister SHIFETA says the gift has made a significant impact on the fight against poaching in the SADC country.

The massive donation comes amid reports saying poachers killed as many as 245 elephants between 2014 and 2017 in NAMIBIA, with 17 of the jumbos gunned down in 2017 alone.

ONE newspaper report says 246 people arrested for the crime include 180 NAMIBIANS, 23 ANGOLANS, 19 ZAMBIANS, 13 CHINESE, SIX BATSWANA, THREE CONGOLESE as well as a TANZANIAN and a ZIMBABWEAN.

Environmental authorities say NAMIBIA has the SECOND largest population of rhino in the world, boasting of about TWO-THOUSAND-800 rhinos and more than 22-THOUSAND elephants by 2016 end.

The world’s highest rhino population is in SOUTH AFRICA, home to both the black rhino and the white rhino that has been re-introduced to BOTSWANA, NAMIBIA, SWAZILAND, and ZIMBABWE.

Records say the majority of the black rhino population, some 98 percent, is concentrated in SOUTH AFRICA, NAMIBIA, ZIMBABWE, and KENYA, with SOUTH AFRICA carrying 40 percent of the total black rhinos.

Meanwhile, NBC News says the Chairperson of the CHINESE NATIONAL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS has told a consultative meeting CHINA remains committed to support and strengthen bilateral ties with NAMIBIA.

The national broadcaster says CHINA and NAMIBIA have a number of deals in a variety of sectors, while their parliaments have agreed to strengthen their respective national laws and policies.

The NAMIBIAN National Assembly Speaker has expressed delight at the partnership with CHINA, under which NAMIBIA will acquire vast knowledge to improve its own domestic legislation./Sabanews/cam

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