Presidents Masisi of Botswana and Mutharika of Malawi

BLANTYRE – The SADC vision for an integrated region is showing real signs of success, as member countries continue to come up with more bilateral deals in line with the Common Agenda.

The SADC Common Agenda is to a set of key principles and values guiding the plans of the 15-member economic bloc in its quest to amalgamate.

The latest nations to demonstrate their support for the program are BOTSWANA and MALAWI, whose leaders have resolved to strengthen the diplomatic ties they have been enjoying since 1964.

President PETER MUTHARIKA of MALAWI has hosted President MOKGWEETSI MASISI, who has been on a ONE-day-long State visit at SANJIKA Palace in the commercial capital, BLANTYRE.

The TWO leaders have addressed journalists after their closed-door meeting, saying it is now time for BOTSWANA and MALAWI to harvest more from their 54-year-old ties.

They say their SADC member countries should now share technical expertise in areas including tourism, mining, livestock science, and education.

President MASISI says BOTSWANA and MALAWI have been friendly for decades, and they now just want to rejuvenate the relationship for their mutual benefit.

He has described MALAWI as having hardworking people, saying he is a product of TWO MALAWIAN teachers, FELIX MUNTHALI and DAVID LUBADIRI, who have contributed a lot in BOTSWANA’s education sector.

President MASISI says MALAWI now needs expertise, which he feels BOTSWANA can provide.

The MALAWIAN Head of State has in turn, commended the mining legislation in BOTSWANA, which MALAWI can learn from as the country is working to draft its own.

President MUTHARIKA says he has told the MALAWIAN Parliament his government is drafting a mining law and can borrow from the good example of BOTSWANA, which also has excellent livestock sciences from which his country can learn.

BOTSWANA and MALAWI are party to the SADC Common Agenda, meant to promote viable economic growth to alleviate and ultimately end poverty as well as to enhance the standard and quality of life of the people./Sabanews/cam

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