President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Qatar (Pic. Agencies)

DOHA – President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE continues with his fight to win back the international community that had abandoned his SADC country for almost TWO decades.

As world leaders begin to develop confidence in his pledge of ZIMBABWE being open for business again, a number of them are warming up to the former guerrilla fighter who took over from deposed Dictator ROBERT MUGABE.

President MNANGAGWA is now in QATAR at the invitation of Sheikh TAMIM BIN HAMAD AL-THANI, Leader of the oil-rich ARAB nation with whom he held talks on MONDAY.

Media reports say their discussions centred mostly on ways to boost and develop bilateral ties and cooperation, particularly in the fields of industrial and commercial investments, as well as agriculture.

The reports say both leaders have expressed hope and pledged to ensure the relations they are growing will benefit both countries equally.

They have also witnessed the signing of an agreement on economic, trade and technical cooperation between the governments of QATAR and ZIMBABWE.

President MNANGAGWA rose to power last NOVEMBER after the military led a peaceful mass protest against Mr MUGABE, who had unleashed his wife against perceived political enemies.

Mr MUGABE, now 94, resigned from office after 37 years at the helm following a recall from the ruling ZANU PF; but he has turned around and claims the present administration is a product of a coup de tat, and therefore illegitimate.

Political commentators say they believe President MNANGAGWA is doing well in his diplomatic offensive, but he is paying insufficient attention to urgent domestic issues bedevilling the people.

The major outcry hinges on continuous shortages of cash, destroyed infrastructure, idle industrial structures, as well as the general wellbeing of the ordinary person.

Opposition MDC-T Leader NELSON CHAMISA has told his party supporters at a recent rally the MNANGAGWA Administration has failed because it has failed to correct the issue of governance.

He says the 75-year-old Head of State should have invited the opposition groups that stood with him when the country got rid of his predecessor, and formed a transitional government, instead of insisting on elections.

However, unconfirmed reports seem to indicate President MNANGAGWA has plans to deal with the domestic issues as soon as he finishes with the global lobby.

He has reportedly addressed ZIMBABWEANS living in QATAR heads are going to roll in the civil service once the forthcoming general elections, expected around JULY, are over.

ZIMBABWE is currently economically at a standstill, despite a new dispensation, although there is a semblance of infrastructural development activities here and there./Sabanews/cam

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