Basters commemorate Battle of Sam Khubis (Pic. Namibian Sun)

REHOBOTH – The REHOBOTH BASTER community in Central NAMIBIA has been engaged in a series of activities to prepare for the Battle of SAM KHUBIS today (TUESDAY).

The BASTERS are said to be an ethnic group whose ancestors were EUROPEAN settlers and indigenous AFRICAN women from the DUTCH CAPE Colony who speak AFRIKAANS.

They are generally the NAMIBIAN equivalent or subgroup of the coloureds of SOUTH AFRICA, bearing the same racially mixed Black and AFRIKANER ancestry.

Each year on EIGHT MAY, the BASTER community observes the Battle and Vow at SAM-KHUBIS on the C-24 highway, 80 kilometres south-west of REHOBOTH City.

Many people arrive and camp for the night a day before the commemoration day at the battle site marked by a cemetery and a memorial stone bearing the vow made by the ancestors.

The main event to mark the start of the Battle of SAM KHUBIS takes place before sunrise, with speeches and a memorial service on EIGHT MAY; while activities end at midday.

NBC News says the 2018 Commemorations kicked off SIX days ago with a church service at FARM UITDRAAI, where the BASTER Vow was renewed.

It says participants proceeded to FARM GARIS, where the GERMANS wiped out the family of the then BASTER Kaptein, CORNELIUS VAN WYK.

SAM KHUBIS Festival Committee Chairperson ALBERT ALBERTS has told the media the GERMAN colonial army attacked the BASTERS on the EIGHTH of MAY 1915.

He says fear of total extinction created a strong sense of common destiny among the BASTER people, as they retreated to their last stronghold at SAM KHUBIS.

Mr ALBERTS says tensions started on 13 APRIL 1915, when the community defied GERMAN demands for it to send troops to OTJIWARONGO to guard prisoners of war.

NBC News also says a drama group is scheduled to perform a play tomorrow in the afternoon depicting the events of the Battle of SAM KHUBIS, ONE of the major fights against GERMAN colonial rule in NAMIBIA./Sabanews/cam

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