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MBABANE – President EDGAR LUNGU of ZAMBIA is reportedly set to make SWAZILAND, now known as the KINGDOM OF ESWATINI, his SECOND home.

Media reports claim he plans to build a mansion worth millions of US dollars in the NKONYENI area of MANZINI District.
The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says it has information the stately home will be on Lot 225 of FARM NKONYENI THREE, past SIDVOKODVO area.
It says ZAMBIAN media have already spread the news about the alleged mansion, with opposition parties questioning it and demanding to know how President LUNGU acquired the land.
The TIMES says a leaked architectural plan of the structure reveals it was done by a company known as ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL, based in the SWAZI capital of MBABANE.
It says copies of the drawing, already circulating on different social media platforms and online newspapers, show the plan of the building was revised last NOVEMBER.
Meanwhile, ZAMBIAN media quote Information and Broadcasting Minister DORA SILIYA as confirming President LUNGU owns land which the authorities gave him in SWAZILAND.
The DIGGERS NEWS and the ZAMBIA ONLINE allege Minister SILIYA has told a press conference at her offices it is normal for a president to own land in a foreign country.
She says national leaders receive many gifts when they travel, and, in this case, President LUNGU got a piece of land that has been processed has title deeds.
Minister SILIYA says there is nothing sinister about such a development, although some people like to create stories even when there are no stories.
The TIMES says there are reports saying the house planned for the piece of land owned by the ZAMBIAN Leader in SWAZILAND will cost about THREE-MILLION-900-THOUSAND US dollars.
However, the SWAZI TIMES papers from the Deeds Registry Public Information Centre show the area in question comprises about 90 plots owned by INYATSI PROPERTIES Limited.
The records say RUDOLPH Investments initially owned the area, measuring FOUR-THOUSAND-105 square metres approved by the surveyor general in MARCH 2009.
INYATSI PROPERTIES Limited lawfully acquired the property from RUDOLPH Investments via a deed of transfer processed last year through S V MDLADLA AND ASSOCIATES.
The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says efforts to get a comment from ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL have failed, after the firm emphasised it does not discuss matters relating to clients./Sabanews/cam

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