Daring kidnappers can even snatch kids in front of police stations (Pic. Agencies)


MPOLONJENI – A BURUNDI family living in SWAZILAND has had a tough experience after a messenger of court locked away the mother and her TWO children for about a week.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says what had always been their place of comfort and happiness turned into a holding cell for SIX days simply due to unpaid rentals.

It quotes the father, JEAN BOSCO, as saying his wife and the children aged ONE and FOUR, underwent degrading and inhumane treatment.

He says the mother and small children had to use buckets to relieve themselves in the house because the toilets in the compound are outside.

Mr BOSCO says he had to bring food for his family daily and give it to them through a window until after police and Ministry of Home Affairs officers rescued them.

He says his rented flat was locked after he failed to pay rent, which was slightly below TWO-THOUSAND emalangeni (or 157 US dollars 23 cents).

However, they had allegedly agreed with the landlord he would pay an extra 10 percent in the event of failure to settle rentals on time; and the new measure has come as a surprise.

Mr BOSCO says his family was locked in the flat while he was away attending training in EZULWINI Town.

He says he reported the matter to the police after learning of the incident, but they told him to make sure the report was correct FIRST before expecting help.

The authorities only acted after Mr BOSCO confirmed a messenger of court with a legal order had indeed locked in his wife and children.

In a separate incident, criminals continue to kidnap children, some of whom end up dead, despite a growing outcry over the abductions.

The TIMES says MLIBA Police Station in central SWAZILAND has recorded TWO cases of abduction, ONE involving a 15-year-old boy taken while entering his family kitchen early in the morning.

It says the MANANA family woke up to screams from some residents who had just seen TWO men grab their boy and bundle him inside a blue sedan that immediately sped off.

The grandmother, NORAH MANANA, says the child managed to escape and ran through the forest and returned when the car stopped for ONE of the kidnappers to open a wooden gate.

He had gone to the kitchen to get some water so he could take a bath and go to school when the TWO immediately pounced and took him to a car parked a distance from the home.

Grany MANANA says while they were trying to contact the police and search for him he returned home, crying hysterically.

She says she found everything in the kitchen upside down when she opened the door, showing the kid, SIHLE, had put up a fight before they overpowered him.

Meanwhile, another TWO men whisked away a 14-year-old girl and bundled her into a sedan while she was coming from the shops near MLIBA Police Station.

The whereabouts of the SWAZI girl are still not clear, amid reports that most child kidnappers in SWAZILAND do it for ritual purposes involving murder of the victims./Sabanews/cam



Malagasy protestors clash with security forces in February 2009 (Pic. Agencies)


Media reports say the move complies with a court decision to order formation of a new consensus government to end the political crisis in the country.

Mr SOLONANDRASANA has been Premier since 2016 when he succeeded JEAN RAVELONARIVO after having been Minister of Interior Affairs earlier.

He has told the media he accepts the Court decision on no condition because he wants to allow for a solution in the politically volatile nation of 24-MILLION-890-THOUSAND people.

Meanwhile, media reports say Defence Minister BENI XAVIER RASOLOFONIRINA has recently threatened army interference if the State and the opposition fail to solve issues quickly.

They say the country has witnessed violent protests since APRIL against a new law the opposition claim are meant to block their candidates from contesting elections this year.

President HERY RAJAONARIMAMPIANINA approved an election regulation that allows main opposition Candidate MARC RAVALOMANANA to run for office, after the earlier version of the legislation had sparked the deadly fights in the streets.

The High Constitutional Court has reportedly ordered the Head of State to dissolve his government and appoint a new prime minister on consultation with all political parties.

President RAJAONARIMAMPIANINA is leading a party that has no representation in the National Assembly, hence the need to refer the issue of the Premier to other groups.

Thus, this MONDAY, he announced the appointment of the MALAGASY representative of the International Labour Organisation, CHRISTIAN NTSAY, as the new Prime Minister.

MADAGASCAR is ONE of the poorest countries in the world, despite its huge reserves of cobalt, gold, nickel, uranium, and other mineral resources./Sabanews/cam



Supporters of MDC in the streets (Pic. VOA)

WINDHOEK – ZIMBABWEANS living in NAMIBIA have staged a demonstration in the capital, WINDHOEK, calling for free, fair and credible elections in their country next month.

Supporters of the opposition MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE-TSVANGIRAI have handed over a petition to the ZIMBABWEAN High Commission in WINDHOEK.

NBC News says they have called for electoral reforms in before the general elections scheduled for 30 JULY in their country.

They also want the release of a full voters’ roll, independent audits of ballots, army withdraw from villages, and all citizens to have the right to vote irrespective of where they are.

President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA has already promised free and fair elections, but the MDC-T members are demanding the implementation their demands.

Their leader, NELSON CHAMISA, has also handed over the same demands to the national Electoral Commission after a parallel demonstration in HARARE.

Authorities say more than 120 political parties have registered to contest the votes this year, after government assurances of protection against violence and interference.

The forthcoming elections will be the FIRST in the SADC nation since the removal of former dictator ROBERT MUGABE in a military supported mass uprising last NOVEMBER./Sabanews/cam



Victory on the diplomatic front – Presidents Ian Khama of Botswana embraces Zimbabwean Leader Emmerson Mnangagwa

HARARE – ZIMBABWE is witnessing a major shift in its traditional politics, with opposition groups now able to stage massive demonstrations and even to openly insult the sitting government.

On the forefront is the MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE of the late former unionist MORGAN TSVANGIRAI.

The group, now led by TWO former deputies of the late Mr TSVANGIRAI, is on a crusade to dislodge and replace EMMERSON MNANGAGWA amid signs of the 75-year-old President heading for a poll victory next month.

NELSON CHAMISA, who heads a faction of the former labour-backed movement, which is itself a splinter from the original party formed in 1999, is leading the campaign against the CHINESE-trained former guerrilla fighter.

Mr CHAMISA is currently in the middle of a fight for recognition as the authentic leader of the MDC-TSVANGIRAI Party against THOKOZANI KHUPE, who has the other section of the grouping.

Mr CHAMISA this week led a massive demonstration in the capital, HARARE, to petition the Electoral Commission for some 20 changes in the electoral process; including public display of computer servers carrying voter data.

He says no elections will take place on 30 JULY unless his demands are met, or else he will lead the people of ZIMBABWE to block President MNANGAGWA from going to State House.

However, unlike in the era of the recently dislodged ROBERT MUGABE Administration, President MNANGAGWA has restrained both the security forces and the potentially quick-tempered youth wing of his ruling ZANU PF to avoid confrontation.

He says the Constitution allows everyone to express themselves without hindrance, and he will ensure the pending ballots will be fair, free as well as transparent in front of world observers.

Still, the ZANU PF Leader, after taking over from Mr MUGABE following nationwide – almost spontaneous – mass demos against his predecessor, has to contend with a group that wants to quash his bid for the presidency.

While his enemies have mostly been members of the G-40, they now have among them about 90 sitting MPs who lost in the recent party primaries – and other senior party officials facing serious corruption charges.

President MNANGAGWA has so far managed to win on the diplomatic front where he has returned ZIMBABWE on the world map, with the biggest BRITISH business delegation since 1980 visiting the country this week.

The ZIMBABWEAN Leader has also won over his partners in the SADC Region and the AU, as well as the AMERICANS, the ARABS, and the CHINESE, since his acendency last NOVEMBER.

He mostly owes his success in that area to the fall of Mr MUGABE, who presided over the national infrastructure dilapidation and total economic decay for 37 years before his ouster.

The UNITED STATES, in support of the BRITISH Administration of TONY BLAIR, joined the EUROPEAN UNION and other Western forces against ZIMBABWE due to bloody land invasions.

Victims of the farm raids are mostly of BRITISH-origin, who invaded ZIMBABWE in 1890 and displaced the indigenous people from their ancestral homes to set up massive properties on fertile grounds.

ZIMBABWEANS of different ages, after decades of slavish lives under white minority rule, joined a guerrilla campaign that swept the country to political independence 90 years later; but the economy remained in the hands of the minority.

Despite having agreed to sponsor the transfer of land from overloaded whites, BRITAIN backtracked under former Prime Minister BLAIR, and the former combatants led the masses on to the farms in 2000.

By 1999, 11-MILLION hectares of the richest land had been still in the hands of about FOUR-THOUSAND-500 mostly white commercial farmers who refused to let go.

The violent farm invasions that followed resulted in the displacement of almost all the white farmers, which sparked the international row; yet the new status quo in ZIMBABWE promises to end the diplomatic and political animosities, despite opposition./Sabanews/cam



South Africa to legalise non-formal mining (Pic. SABC News)

JOHANNESBURG – The authorities in SOUTH AFRICA are working on a new law aimed to legalise the currently non-formal mining in the country.

Minerals and Resources Deputy Minister GODFREY OLIPHANT says they are confident they will finalise the new charter before the end of this year, despite challenges.

SABC News says he has addressed delegates to the Junior Indaba, a TWO-day-long conference meant to address challenges of small-scale companies in the country.

Deputy Minister OLIPHANT says the government has heard the voices of the non-formal miners and the authorities are looking to formalise illegal mining where it is safe to do so.

He says consultations with all stakeholders for the latest version of the Mining Charter THREE are now complete and that they are confident all challenges have been dealt with.

On the other hand, the Department of Minerals and Resources says it will continue to intensify support to junior miners and others entering the industry for the FIRST time.

Deputy Minister OLIPHANT says they do not seem to be having any other engagements with junior miners.

However, he says investment in the sector is vital for such producers, as most struggle to grow and be sustainable due to challenges like limited to no funding as well as lack of mentorship.

Deputy Minister OLIPHANT says his department has launched a junior mining program to provide opportunities for new entrants identified through the new mining chains.

The Minerals Council of SOUTH AFRICA says about 14-THOUSAND people are involved in illegal mining in the country./Sabanews/cam