ZANU PF youths staging their counter demonstration (Pic. The Herald)

HARARE – The capital city of ZIMBABWE has witnessed TWO demonstrations, ONE after the other, by the major political players, the ruling ZANU PF and the MDC-TSVANGIRAI.

The opposition group, leading a coalition of other smaller ones, this TUESDAY gathered thousands of supporters to hand over a petition to the Electoral Commission in HARARE.

A similarly MDC-T incident-free event took place simultaneously in the NAMIBIAN capital, WINDHOEK, with organisers handing over a petition to the High Commissioner.

NBC News says they have demanded free, fair, and credible ballots, including a number of other ultimatums similar to the 20 that Mr CHAMISA gave to the Electoral Commission.

The controversial opposition leader threatens to render the country ungovernable if ZANU PF wins without his dictated changes, but his opponent has called for peace and restraint.

Mr CHAMISA also alleges the current government has deployed soldiers into the rural areas, a move he says should be reversed before the general elections – or there will be chaos.

He has commended the police, who previously would not allow such gatherings, for allowing his supporters to demonstrate freely in the capital.

However, President MNANGAGWA this week ordered his party and security forces to avoid clashes with the MDC Alliance, saying the groups have a Constitutional right to demonstrate.

He says they are enjoying democracy that exists in the country, very happy to express themselves right, left, and centre because the environment is conducive.

The forthcoming elections are already less than TWO weeks away, and he has signed into law the reforms relating to the Electoral Act, which means the playing field is perfectly level.

Meanwhile, the ZANU PF Youth League has mobilised supporters into the same HARARE streets following the massive MDC Alliance march the previous day.

League Secretary PUPURAI TOGAREPI says they will silence Mr CHAMISA on 30 JULY when they vote for President MNANGAGWA and the governing group.

He says the MDC Alliance has failed to cover enough ground to ensure victory and is now resorting to flimsy excuses as well as attacks against the Electoral Commission.

Mr TOGAREPI says the opposition leaders were in parliament for the past FIVE years; and never talked about the Commission or alignment of laws, because they were busy enjoying.

He says they were even once in Government, where they got cars and houses and forgot they stood for a certain position, while some are clowns who say issues alienated from the masses.

The electoral campaign field is heating up as scores of foreign business people are flocking to the former BRITISH colony, with hope to invest in the vastly open but dormant economy.

Industries closed during the violent land invasions that displaced some FOUR-THOUSAND-500 white farmers of mostly BRITISH origin, who also owned the secondary means of production.

ZIMBABWE is now in the process to win back international confidence and attract investors into production, but the reality of the future depends on the pending elections; the FIRST without former dictator ROBERT MUGABE./Sabanews/cam