Seychelles banned use of plastic bags, cups and cutlery long back (Pic. Africanews)

VICTORIA – President DANNY FAURE of SEYCHELLES has shocked the leaders of the Group of SEVEN nations with photographs of the damage to the ALDABRA atoll by plastic pollution and other types of litter from the rest of the world.

ALDABRA is said to be the world’s SECOND-largest coral atoll situated in the ALDABRA Group of islands in the INDIAN Ocean that form part of the Outer Islands of the SEYCHELLES, with a distance of ONE-THOUSAND-120 kilometres.

A statement from State House says President FAURE has addressed delegates from small islands developing states at the GROUP of SEVEN Summit in CANADA.

He says SEYCHELLES and other small island nations already have enough of a challenge managing their own waste, and do not need to take on the rest of the world’s trash.

ALDABRA, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in SEYCHELLES, is a remote atoll, a ring-shaped reef, island, or chain of islands formed of coral, and a clean-up project was launched last month.

The national news agency, SNA, says the scheme will conclude with an expedition to be led by the Queen’s College from the UNITED KINGDOM to remove tonnes of ocean trash.

It quotes President FAURE as saying the islands need help to handle the vast and increasing amounts of marine litter washing up on and polluting their beaches and coasts from way beyond their shores.

The SNA says the Group of SEVEN leaders, CANADA, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, JAPAN, the UNITED KINGDOM and the UNITED STATES, have agreed the SEYCHELLES Leader has graphically made his point.

Their roundtable included FOUR island leaders from HAITI, JAMAICA, the MARSHALL Islands and SEYCHELLES to discuss the challenges of small islands developing states.

Canadian Prime Minister JUSTIN TRUDEAU invited President FAURE to a special session on oceans at the Group of SEVEN Summit since CANADA holds the presidency for 2018.

The SNA says the session has been held under the theme: Healthy, Productive and Resilient Oceans and Seas, Coasts and Communities.

President FAURE has further spoken about his national innovative financing for the blue economy and ocean sustainability.

When his country graduated to a high-income country in 2015, instead of complaining about losing grant funding, he said the island nation turned to pioneering new innovative sources of financing.

The national news agency says the sources included a FIRST-of-its-kind debt swap for ocean conservation and climate adaptation and the forthcoming and equally novel blue bonds, which fund the development of sustainable fisheries.

However, President FAURE says such new sources of finance will not be enough to meet the small island nations’ sustainable development and climate action obligations under the 2030 Agenda, the PARIS Agreement and the SAMOA Pathway.

He has called on the Group of SEVEN and multilateral partners to agree on a specific resilience index that takes into consideration the unique vulnerabilities to external shocks, be they climate change or economic, of small island states.

President FAURE says islands can no longer afford to see themselves as dots lost in a sea of blue, but as sentinels, the guardians of TWO THIRDS of the Blue Planet, and they must act accordingly.

The SEYCHELLES Head of State has further called on Prime Minister TRUDEAU and CANADA to play a prominent and proactive role in high seas negotiations that begin this SEPTEMBER at the UNITED NATIONS in NEW YORK./Sabanews/cam



Rural Namibian women missing out economically (Pic. New China)

OMATJETE – The NAMIBIA Gender and Child Welfare Chief Community Liaison Officer has advised women in the region of ERONGO to organise themselves and avoid losing economic chances.

NBC News says TUYENIKELAO DISHENA has addressed women at OMATJETE in the DAURES Constituency of ERONGO, telling them to start forming and joining groups meant to empower them.

She says most female rural citizens in the country are missing out on economic opportunities because they fail to organise themselves.

Ms DISHENA says her Ministry has many initiatives to empower women, especially in rural areas; including paying all expenses for yearly trips to expos and conferences locally and in the rest of the SADC Region.

Such platforms help transfer skills and form linkages with other female traders, and Ms DISHENA says last year they wanted to take many rural women to an expo in BOTSWANA but could not find a single group to provide potential candidates.

She says it is easier and more beneficial for the Ministry to work through women’s associations rather than focusing on individuals.

The government of NAMIBIA says it launched the Women in Business Association, commonly known as WIBA, to create a platform for the exchange ideas, and all women, especially rural dwellers, are encouraged to join WIBA.

NAMIBIA is encouraging gender equality at a time when there are intensive global calls to allow women and girls of their basic rights and opportunities.

The UN says empowerment of women and girls requires vigorous efforts, including legal frameworks, to counter deeply rooted gender-based discrimination that often results from patriarchal attitudes and related social norms./Sabanews/cam



Violent crimes remain a worry to authorities (Pic. The Namibian)

KEETMANSHOOP – Police in the KEETMANSHOOP Town of Southern NAMIBIA have arrested a female teacher for allegedly abducting and abusing a small girl.

The authorities claim the woman (age not given) kidnapped the 15-year-old kid and took her to her home, where NBC News says immoral acts were committed.

It quotes //KHARAS Police Crime Investigations Unit Co-ordinator CHRISPIN MUBEBO as saying the girl went missing from family home and relatives got information she was at the house of the suspect.

Deputy Commissioner MUBEBO says the police secured a search warrant and found the child hidden in a wardrobe in the house of the teacher, who is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow (THURSADY).

In a separate development, FOUR suspects in the murder of TITUS KALUVI over the weekend at the ANGLICAN Church at the northern village of ODIBO, have appeared for the FIRST time before the OHANGWENA Magistrate’s Court.

NBC News says Magistrate LETTA SIMON has remanded the 21-year-old MATIAS NAKALE; PETRUS WEYULU MWEENDOBE, 21, and TWO minor boys, both aged 17, in custody.

They will remain locked up until the 21ST of this month to allow further investigations and for them to apply for a State-sponsored defence lawyer.

The Court decision comes after State Prosecutor SAKARIA MUPUMA asked pleaded against the granting of bail at this stage, in order to prevent them from interfering with investigations; and they may run away since they live near the border.

Their home, ODIBO Village, is in the OSHIKANGO Electoral Constituency in Northern NAMIBIA, and close to the border with ANGOLA,

Warrant Officer KAUME IITUMBA of the Police Public Relations Unit has told the media the FOUR suspects killed attacked the 28-year-old KALUVI during a church meeting; after the late man had requested them to remove hats in church.

Meanwhile, research shows NAMIBIA has had at least ONE serial killings event, between 2005 and 2007 when the B-ONE BUTCHER killed and dismembered FIVE women whose body parts he or she deposited along the National Road B-ONE.

The authorities never succeeded to determine conclusively the identity of the up to now, although there has not been any similar report so far either.

On the other hand, NAMIBIA has reportedly always had a high rate of domestic violence, mainly against women and children – who frequently suffer at the hands of rapists and brutal murderers.

Security commentators say the new trend like where the female teacher allegedly kidnapped and abused a little girl and the FOUR men are accused of killing another man in church calls for NAMIBIA to give more attention to violence./Sabanews/cam



People with albinism continue to be hunted like wild trophy (Pic. Agencies)

GABORONE – SADC Executive SECRETARY STERGOMENA LAWRENCE TAX has called on people to unanimous condemn all forms of abuse, prejudice, and discrimination against people with albinism.

She has issued a statement from the Secretariat Headquarters in GABORONE, BOTSWANA, to mark the occasion of the International Albinism Awareness Day, today (13 JUNE).

Ms TAX says the UNITED NATIONS General Assembly proclaimed the day through a resolution calling for the prevention of attacks and discrimination against such persons.

Since the start of the commemorations in 2015, the Day has drawn considerable regional, continental and global attention, as well as awareness of the human rights of persons with albinism.

Ms TAX says the event is a reminder of the harsh realities facing sufferers of albinism and parents of children with the condition.

In many parts of the world, including in the SADC, albinism is grossly misunderstood, and people living with the problem continue to be in a constant state of fear owing to the attacks, killings, and societal prejudices against them.

Such people, young and old alike, live in isolation and are deprived of their rights, including the right to life, the right to health as well as the right to education and work.

Ms TAX says consequently, they are often trapped in the cycle of poverty; which calls for efforts and commitment by all to stop the atrocities.

Security concerns have forced some families to relocate from their communities to urban areas, which are considered to be relatively safe.

People with albinism have a condition that makes them valuable commodities in parts of eastern and Southern AFRICA, where they are killed like elephants and rhino for their bodies, which can fetch thousands of dollars.

Media reports reveal people the hunting has continued each day of each year, with the culprits becoming even more forceful like in MALAWI, MOZAMBIQUE, SWAZILAND, TANZANIA, and SOUTH AFRICA.

Albino slaying is also common in East AFRICA, where the bones and flesh are processed by witches who believe they can bring their clients riches, success, power, or sexual conquest; with children being the major targets.

Ms TAX says it is sad most widespread beliefs, myths and misconceptions about people with albinism affect children and women excessively; and of great concern is that some of such abuses are by people entrusted with the duty to protect the victims.

She says on the 13TH of JUNE, people recognize the efforts of men and women who are working hard to ensure the safety of albinism sufferers.

They include governments, community members, non-state actors and civil society groups raising awareness and advocating for the respect of the rights of people with albinism.

The Secretariat says it also applauds SADC nations that have put in place policy and legislation to protect people with albinism.

Ms TAX says they encourage other countries that have not done so to consider initiating dialogue with a view to enact legislation that protects and promotes the rights of people with the condition.

She says the authorities appreciate the progress made, but there is need to further take concrete measures to protect the rights of people with albinism.

The safety of children with albinism both at home and at school must be a guarantee, because if the kids get the right environment and education, they too can grow up and contribute to the SADC Vision.

Ms TAX says there is need for an environment where people with albinism can live and enjoy their economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights to their fullest potential.

The success story can only come out of being unanimous in condemning all forms of abuse, prejudice and discrimination perpetrated against people with albinism; putting these acts to their absolute end.

The SADC Secretary General says people with albinism should never be treated as lesser human beings; and the regional community can only achieve such a situation if people work together with utmost resolve and renewed commitment./Sabanews/cam



Mbuyisa Makhubu, just 18 years old during the Soweto uprising, famously photographed carrying 12-year-old Hector Pieterson (Pic. Sam Nzima)

DAR ES SALAAM – TANZANIA is this year joining the rest of the world to mark the 42ND International Day of the AFRICAN Child amid reports of increased criminal acts against in the country.

The day has been celebrated every 16 JUNE since 1991 when it was FIRST initiated by the Organisation of AFRICAN Unity; to honour the children who took part in the 1976 SOWETO Uprising in SOUTH AFRICA on the date.

Health Deputy Minister FAUSTINE NDUGULILE has addressed the media in ARUSHA City.

He says the authorities recorded more than 41-THOUSAND domestic violence cases between JANUARY and DECEMBER 2017 in the country, with 13-THOUSAND-500 of them involving cruelty against and molestation of children.

Deputy Minister NDUGULILE says the government has responded by setting up a ONE-Stop Centre across the nation, with gender desks at local police stations.

He says the facilities will deal specifically with such cases, including providing psychological advice, medical treatment, and refuge to children who are victims of domestic violence and other forms of cruelty in society.

At least 500 gender and children desks are already in place nationwide, manned by specially trained police officers, medical personnel and other child and gender health experts, to deal with such cases.

Deputy Minister NDUGULILE has revealed the information during a sensitisation workshop organised by PLAN INTERNATIONAL for media practitioners in the country.

The DAILY NEWS says the gathering aimed to empower the local scribes in investigating, covering, as well as reporting issues of gender and children.

It says the UN Child Right Act defines any person under the age of 18 to be a child, which means TANZANIA has at least 25-MILLION persons, or 50 percent of the population, under the bracket.

Delegates to the sensitisation workshop organised by PLAN INTERNATIONAL have also included community workers and members of the Police Force.

The PLAN INTERNATIONAL Head of Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health says the community is still harsh against children and women.

SIMWANZA KATANTA says many will continue to suffer in silence unless the media act to bring such matters to the light.

The training workshop in ARUSHA has covered the UN Child Rights, Children Protection, Gender Equality, and how to cover and report the issues.

Ministry of Health, Children Department Director MARGARET MSAI says the Toll-Free Child Help Hotline Number in her country is still 116.

The official says TANZANIA is observing the International Day of the AFRICAN Child on 13 JUNE, instead of the 16TH because the date falls on the MOSLEM EID-EL-FITR Holiday this week.

The well-known 16 JUNE 1976 uprising began in SOWETO high density township of SOWETO and spread throughout SOUTH AFRICA, profoundly changing the socio-political landscape in the country.

The events that triggered the revolution date back to policies of the apartheid SOUTH AFRICAN BANTU Education Act of 1953, and more 20-THOUSAND students took part in the protests, amid fierce police brutality./Sabanews/cam



DAR ES SALAAM – At least EIGHT Immigration Officers and 17 CHINESE have appeared before the KISUTU Magistrate’s Court in the TANZANIAN commercial city of DAR ES SALAAM.

The DAILY NEWS says they are facing SIX counts of conspiracy, furnishing false information, leading organised crimes and fraudulent scheme on labour matters.

It says Principal Resident Magistrate HURUMA SHAIDI is presidening over the case, which also involves alleged engagement in occupation without permit, as well as aiding and abetting commission of offences.


Some of the accused CHINESE are BO SONG, LIU YUNLEY, CHAN CHAO HUI and FU ZENG, or WANG.


Prosecution, led by TWO Senior State Attorneys SHADRACK KIMARO and PATRICK MWITA, alleges between ONE JUNE 2017 and 17 MAY 2018 the accused conspired to commit an offence under the Non-Citizens (Employment Regulations) Act.

The State says such an offence relates to furnishing false information in order to get work permits, and all the accused allegedly lied to the Labour Commissioner so they could secure such papers within the same period.

The DAILY NEWS says Mr BO SONG has been charged alone on the count of engaging in occupation without being in possession of a valid resident permit.

It says the prosecution claims the CHINESE committed the offence within the same period when he engaged himself in occupation in TANZANIA.

The immigration officers are also facing ONE joint count of aiding and abetting Mr BO SONG to engage in occupation within the host country, while he had no valid document allowing him to do so.

The State alleges the suspects together intentionally organised and managed a criminal racket by aiding, abetting and furnishing false information so as to get work and resident permits.

The prosecution also charges all the accused persons pretended and claimed to qualify for resident and work permits, before knowingly aiding and obtaining such documents from the TANZANIA Immigration Department and Labour Commissioner./Sabanews/cam



ZANU PF Headquarters in Harare (Pic. Agencies)

HARARE — The ruling ZANU PF Party in ZIMBABWE has named the people who will represent it in the forthcoming general elections next month.

THE HERALD says the list includes 210 persons vying for the National Assembly, 60 for proportional representation, 60 for the Senate, and 100 for provincial councils.

It quotes the ZANU PF Secretary for Administration as saying his group has done primary elections and has given names of successful candidates to the ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission.

OBERT MPOFU has told the media in the capital, HARARE, provincial election directorates and coordinating committees should abide by the final list that is also published in the print media.

He says the ruling party will discipline any individual who will tamper with the approved list of candidates, who should complete the nominations documents and provide their credentials to the Electoral Commission.

Mr MPOFU says some provinces have witnessed developments where names have been changed without clearance from the Politburo, but the party has dealt with the problem now.

Meanwhile, Senate President EDNA MADZONGWE says the government is committed to fair, free, and credible elections as shown by the freedom accorded to political parties ahead of the polls.

THE HERALD says she has made the comments after a meeting with pre-election observers from the INTERNATIONAL REPUBLICAN INSTITUTE and the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTE, both from the UNITED STATES.

The INTERNATIONAL REPUBLICAN INSTITUTE calls itself a non-profit, nonpartisan group committed to advance freedom and democracy worldwide by helping political parties to become more issue-based and responsive.

It says it helps citizens to take part in government planning, and works to increase the role of marginalized groups, including women and the youth, in the political processes.

However, critics claim the group has helped to overthrow popularly elected governments, such as the JEAN-BERTRAND ARISTIDE Administration in HAITI, and replaced them with unpopular dictatorships.

Meanwhile, the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTE, also called the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, claims to be a non-partisan, non-profit group with partners in developing countries.

It says its work is to increase the effectiveness of democratic institutions, mainly in areas like citizen participation, elections, debates, democratic governance and technology, political inclusion of marginalized groups, and gender.

While such organisations have failed over the past years to observe general elections in ZIMBABWE, President MNANGAGWA has opened the country to them for the 2018 polls./Sabanews/cam



Former Minister Saviour Kasukuwere

HARARE – Former Local Government Minister SAVIOUR KASUKUWERE of ZIMBABWE has been acquitted of the crime of leaving the country illegally.

The charges arose after he skipped the border during the military OPERATION RESTORE LEGACY that removed former President ROBERT MUGABE last NOVEMBER.

The police arrested Mr KASUKUWERE on his return from self-imposed exile and charged him with violating immigration laws.

Magistrate JOSEPHINE SANDE has ruled the former ruling ZANU PF Political Commissar did a reasonable thing to run away with his life when soldiers besieged his home.

In her ruling, Magistrate SANDE says the Court had an appreciation of bullet holes and empty cartridges at the residence of Mr KASUKUWERE in the capital, HARARE.

She says the Court does not operate in isolation and cannot ignore events related to the OPERATION RESTORE LEGACY.

The Court had heard Mr KASUKUWERE’s life was in danger when he fled with former Higher Education Minister JONATHAN MOYO, former Youth Minister PATRICK ZHUWAO and a number of others.

The former Local Government Minister says security agents carrying AK-47 rifles raided his home and he had to make a run.

Kasukuwere’s bullet riddled window (Pic. The Herald)

OPERATION RESTORE LEGACY saw thousands of people joining the military operation, ahead of parliamentary moves to impeach the former dictator who was now ruling with an iron fist.

Former President MUGABE resigned after a series of discussions with army commanders following his dismissal of his then deputy, EMMERSON MNANGAGWA, now the Head of State, and attempts to force his wife into the presidency.

The 94-year-old politician had ruled for 37 years during which he literally ran down the country through policies that brought industry to a halt, although his administration managed to resettle millions of formerly impoverished blacks.

A number of other present and former senior government officials as well as ministers face a variety of charges, including serious corruption cases, as ZIMBABWE goes for general elections on 30 JULY this year./Sabanews/cam