Rural Namibian women missing out economically (Pic. New China)

OMATJETE – The NAMIBIA Gender and Child Welfare Chief Community Liaison Officer has advised women in the region of ERONGO to organise themselves and avoid losing economic chances.

NBC News says TUYENIKELAO DISHENA has addressed women at OMATJETE in the DAURES Constituency of ERONGO, telling them to start forming and joining groups meant to empower them.

She says most female rural citizens in the country are missing out on economic opportunities because they fail to organise themselves.

Ms DISHENA says her Ministry has many initiatives to empower women, especially in rural areas; including paying all expenses for yearly trips to expos and conferences locally and in the rest of the SADC Region.

Such platforms help transfer skills and form linkages with other female traders, and Ms DISHENA says last year they wanted to take many rural women to an expo in BOTSWANA but could not find a single group to provide potential candidates.

She says it is easier and more beneficial for the Ministry to work through women’s associations rather than focusing on individuals.

The government of NAMIBIA says it launched the Women in Business Association, commonly known as WIBA, to create a platform for the exchange ideas, and all women, especially rural dwellers, are encouraged to join WIBA.

NAMIBIA is encouraging gender equality at a time when there are intensive global calls to allow women and girls of their basic rights and opportunities.

The UN says empowerment of women and girls requires vigorous efforts, including legal frameworks, to counter deeply rooted gender-based discrimination that often results from patriarchal attitudes and related social norms./Sabanews/cam

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