Daring kidnappers can even snatch kids in front of police stations (Pic. Agencies)


MPOLONJENI – A BURUNDI family living in SWAZILAND has had a tough experience after a messenger of court locked away the mother and her TWO children for about a week.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says what had always been their place of comfort and happiness turned into a holding cell for SIX days simply due to unpaid rentals.

It quotes the father, JEAN BOSCO, as saying his wife and the children aged ONE and FOUR, underwent degrading and inhumane treatment.

He says the mother and small children had to use buckets to relieve themselves in the house because the toilets in the compound are outside.

Mr BOSCO says he had to bring food for his family daily and give it to them through a window until after police and Ministry of Home Affairs officers rescued them.

He says his rented flat was locked after he failed to pay rent, which was slightly below TWO-THOUSAND emalangeni (or 157 US dollars 23 cents).

However, they had allegedly agreed with the landlord he would pay an extra 10 percent in the event of failure to settle rentals on time; and the new measure has come as a surprise.

Mr BOSCO says his family was locked in the flat while he was away attending training in EZULWINI Town.

He says he reported the matter to the police after learning of the incident, but they told him to make sure the report was correct FIRST before expecting help.

The authorities only acted after Mr BOSCO confirmed a messenger of court with a legal order had indeed locked in his wife and children.

In a separate incident, criminals continue to kidnap children, some of whom end up dead, despite a growing outcry over the abductions.

The TIMES says MLIBA Police Station in central SWAZILAND has recorded TWO cases of abduction, ONE involving a 15-year-old boy taken while entering his family kitchen early in the morning.

It says the MANANA family woke up to screams from some residents who had just seen TWO men grab their boy and bundle him inside a blue sedan that immediately sped off.

The grandmother, NORAH MANANA, says the child managed to escape and ran through the forest and returned when the car stopped for ONE of the kidnappers to open a wooden gate.

He had gone to the kitchen to get some water so he could take a bath and go to school when the TWO immediately pounced and took him to a car parked a distance from the home.

Grany MANANA says while they were trying to contact the police and search for him he returned home, crying hysterically.

She says she found everything in the kitchen upside down when she opened the door, showing the kid, SIHLE, had put up a fight before they overpowered him.

Meanwhile, another TWO men whisked away a 14-year-old girl and bundled her into a sedan while she was coming from the shops near MLIBA Police Station.

The whereabouts of the SWAZI girl are still not clear, amid reports that most child kidnappers in SWAZILAND do it for ritual purposes involving murder of the victims./Sabanews/cam

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