Traditional leaders play vital roles in Angolan communites (Pic. New Era)

LUANDA – A Cabinet member in ANGOLA has described traditional authorities as instutions that play an important role in the resolution of social problems in communities.

Culture Minister CAROLINA CERQUEIRA has made the remarks in the south-western region of CUANDO CUBANGO, saying chiefs are the bond between the people and the government.

National news agency, ANGOP says she has met with the King of the CUCHI Region, CARLOS KANGANDZI MUKUVA FIVE, ONE of the authorities in CUANDO CUBANGO.

Minister CAROLINA CERQUEIRA says traditional leaders work as messengers reporting the concerns of communities and offering the best ways to sort out such difficulties.

King CARLOS KANGANDZI MUKUVA FIVE has requested the Minister to intervene essentially for the improvement of the education and health sectors in the region.

Researchers say ANGOLA has more than 100 separate ethnic groups and languages or dialects.

They say while PORTUGUESE is the official language, for many black nationals in the SADC country it is a SECOND or even THIRD language.

There are THREE dominant ethnic groups, the OVIMBUNDU, MBUNDU, or AMBUNDU, who speak KIMBUNDU, and the BAKONGO.

ANGOLA further has small numbers of MESTICO, who are of mixed AFRICAN and EUROPEAN descent, as well as ethnic white EUROPEANS; and the State considers traditional leaders very vital./Sabanews/cam

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