Mozambique Independence Day is a celebration of independence from Portuguese rule (Pic. Afro Tourism)

MAPUTO – President FILIPE NYUSI of MOZAMBIQUE has urged the opposition RENAMO movement to disarm its militia members still carrying guns in the countryside.

He says RENAMO, which is the main opposition in the National Assembly but still has an unknown number of armed men under its command, should also speak publicly against violence.

President NYUSI has made the call as he addressed delegates to a gathering in the capital, MAPUTO, to mark 43 years after independence from PORTUGUESE colonial rule.

He has spoken after laying a wreath at the HEROES Square in MAPUTO, emphasising the demilitarisation of the terrorists is vital for a democratic, stable, and peaceful MOZAMBIQUE.

President NYUSI says there is no other alternative to the demobilisation and disarming of the RENAMO militia, and integrating its members, either into the defence and security forces, or back into civilian life.

Preparations for municipal elections scheduled for 10 OCTOBER have hit a snag over the question of armed bandits, even after the last month death of AFONSO DHLAKAMA, who had led the group more than 40 years.

Military and political commentators had described his death as a game-changer for the terror movement that never completely disarmed its combatants at the end of a 16-year-long civil war in 1992.

Instead, the insurgents launched a low-level guerrilla campaign in late 2012 until early last year when tens of thousands of MOZAMBICANS fled across the border into neighbouring MALAWI and ZIMBABWE.

MOZAMBIQUE gained independence in 1975 following 10 years of armed struggle, from 1964 to 1974, against PORTUGUESE colonial rule.

The FRENTE DE LIBERTAÇÃO DE MOÇAMBIQUE, PORTUGUESE for the MOZAMBIQUE LIBERATION FRONT, FRELIMO, led liberation war and has ruled the SADC country since then./Sabanews/cam

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