Two people were killed and 47 others inujured in the blast (Pic. Bulawayo 24)

HARARE – President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE says he suspects a faction from his ruling ZANU PF is responsible for his recent attempted murder.

The Head of State narrowly escaped death last weekend after a device exploded soon after he addressed a rally at the WHITE CITY Stadium in the commercial capital, BULAWAYO.

He says he suspects members of a group known as the G-40, who allegedly have made numerous attempts on his life in the past, had a hand in the bombing.

The explosive killed TWO of his bodyguards and left 47 other people injured at his campaign rally.

President MNANGAGWA says he also does not trust former FIRST Lady GRACE MUGABE, whom he claims has been used as a tool by the group that wants to eliminate him.

THE HERALD says Ms MUGABE appeared on social media dancing happily and showing a victory sign while in the FAR EAST, THREE days after the bombing.

It says President MNANGAGWA has told BBC News this week that there is no need to press the panic button and place his country on security alert following the incident.

He has emphasised his hunch, without evidence, is the people who are aggrieved by his new administration style are the G-40 cabal; and there is no need for a security clampdown.

President MNANGAGWA says the explosion is a criminal activity that does not undermine national stability nor the law and order of the country, although there is need for public protection by ensuring the criminals get arrested.

He says ZIMBABWE remains a stable country that is safe for investment in the region; therefore, traders should not worry about an incident that occurred at a political rally.

President MNANGAGWA says while he does not trust the former FIRST Lady, he felt pity for her exposure to the machinations of a group that wanted to get at him before he came to power.

The people suspected to be baying for his blood are a number of former ministers from the deposed ROBERT MUGABE Government and some senior members of ZANU PF.

They include former Higher Education Minister JONATHAN MOYO, former Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare PATRICK ZHUWAO, who are both in self-imposed exile, and the recently returned former Local Government Minister SAVIOUR KASUKUWERE.

The group is alleged to have launched a campaign against targeted former liberation struggle veterans in ZANU PF and government, using Ms MUGABE to win support of her husband in their schemes.

President MNANGAGWA says the new dispensation in his country has brought many positive changes, and the people should focus on what he has managed to deliver since he took over in November LAST year.

The ZIMBABWEAN Leader, who has flown to TANZANIA today (THURSDAY) at the invitation of President JOHN MAGUFULI, is facing a stiff election against 22 other presidential candidates at the end of JULY./Sabanews/cam

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