Fundamentalist groups spread terror worldwide (Pic. Agencies)

CABO DELGADO – Suspected ISLAMIC fundamentalists have violently killed SEVEN people in the CABO DELGADO Province of Northern MOZAMBIQUE.

RADIO MOZAMBIQUE says the Police General Command Spokesperson has confirmed the killings, which occurred in NAUDE Village in the MACOMIA District.

It says INACIO DINA has addressed the media in the capital, MAPUTO, saying the raiders injured FOUR other people, burned down 164 houses and set FOUR vehicles ablaze.

He says the assailants used machetes to kill the SEVEN people and maim the others, before using a cigarette lighter to set huts on fire, which was spread rapidly by a strong win.

Mr DINA says the suspects may be part of a group the police have been chasing since the events of 27 MAY when 10 people were beheaded.

He says the suspected ISLAMIST insurgency is an ongoing conflict with ANSAR AL-SUNNA, a terrorist group attempting to establish an ISLAMIC state in MOZAMBIQUE.

The authorities say they have not made any arrests so far, but the defence and security forces are working on the ground to hunt down the criminals and restore order throughout MACOMIA.

The national broadcaster quotes military commentators as saying the country has not been a focal point for ISLAMIST militant activities before, and the police have been reluctant to blame attacks on such groups until now.

MUSLIMS make up about 18 percent of the population, while CATHOLICS comprise the largest single religious grouping with close to 30 percent of MOZAMBIQUE’s about 29-MILLION people./Sabanews/cam

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