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CAPE FLATS – Traditional leaders at the CAPE FLATS area of SOUTH AFRICA have called on the authorities to make available tracts of land suitable for initiation schools.

The CAPE FLATS is a sizeable, low-lying, flat area to the southeast of the central business district of CAPE TOWN.

SABC News says residents of KHAYELITSHA say they are scrambling for land to use for this winter’s initiation ceremonies.

It says their call comes after the City of CAPE TOWN began clearing bushes near MEW WAY for a 73-MILLION-rand MY CITI Bus Depot.

The national broadcaster quotes Chief Commander of MDUMISENI Diverse United Kingdom, King ZANOMTHETHO GAWULANA, as saying they have identified land in DELFT, a township on the outskirts of the city.

He says the government should leave the area for the communities and help them identify even more space for their initiations in the WESTERN CAPE Province.

A Mayoral Committee member, ANDA NTSODO, says they are working with communities and traditional leaders to resolve the issue.

In another development, the KHOISAN leaders in the EASTERN CAPE have welcomed the theatre production on the life of their icon SARAH BAARTMAN.

She is recorded as the most famous of TWO SOUTH AFRICAN KHOIKHOI women who, due to their large buttocks, were exhibited as fanatic show attractions in the 19TH Century in EUROPE under the offensive name HOTTENTOT VENUS.

SABC News says the new theatre production, titled RETURN OF THE MOON – A Glimpse of SARAH BAARTMAN, by ROBERT LOURENS, started on WEDNESDAY and will end on SATURDAY at the PORT ELIZABETH Opera House.

KHOISAN activist and member of the Provincial Legislature says it is about the prejudices of EUROPE, and he regards the event as an exciting moment in the history of the indigenous community.

CHRISTIAN MARTIN says he has told the DAWID STUURMAN KHOISAN Movement there is need to support this drama.

He says ONE day they walked to the SABC to complain about the lack of enough viewing of the KHOISAN activities, but they now have ONE that deserves their full support.

A KHOISAN Leader in the NELSON MANDELA Bay, CRAWFORD FRAISER, has also supported the production, saying he will welcome any production that reveals the truth – because the truth will set the people free.

SARAH BAARTMAN was born in 1789 in the CAMDEBOO Valley of the then CAPE Colony and went to ENGLAND in 1810 with her employer, a slave descended who sought to show her for money on the LONDON Stage.

She spent FOUR years on stage in ENGLAND and IRELAND before the employer dumped her into the hands of another man who continued to display her in country fairs.

The new man died man called Henry Taylor brought SARAH to FRANCE and sold her to an animal trainer who made her amuse onlookers at the PALAIS-ROYAL.

Records show GEORGES CUVIER, founder and professor of comparative anatomy at the Museum of Natural History, examined her as he searched for proof of a so-called missing link between animals and human beings.

Her body was exploited for scientific racism and she lived in poverty before dying in PARIS of an undetermined inflammatory disease in DECEMBER 1815, after which they dissected her body and displayed her remains.

For more than 150 years, visitors to the MUSEUM OF MAN in PARIS could view her brain, skeleton and genitalia as well as a plaster cast of her body.

The remains of SARAH BAARTMAN returned to SOUTH AFRICA in 2002, and was buried in the EASTERN CAPE on the SOUTH AFRICAN National Women’s Day; and today a theatre production is showing in her honour./Sabanews/cam

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