Seychelles Minister Phillipe Morin (Pic. Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture)

MAHE – SEYCHELLES plans to build solar power plants on the ROMAINVILLE Island, in line with the national vision to have 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.

National news agency, SNA says the new schemes are in addition to FIVE wind turbines already on the man-made island – off the main island of MAHE.

It quotes Public Utilities Corporation Chief Executive Officer PHILIPPE MORIN as saying the FIRST project will comprise a ONE-megawatt solar.

He says the scheme is a State project implemented through a grant worth THREE-MILLION-400-THOUSAND US dollars from the INDIAN Government.

Mr MORIN says the ONE-megawatt solar farm is only ONE component of the project, because additional smaller units will be installed on public buildings and private homes all over MAHE.

He says State buildings will have THREE units of 100 kilowatts and 10 units of 30 kilowatts from the scheme, while 100 units of THREE kilowatts will be on private premises.

Mr MORIN says the Agency for Social Protection will decide who the beneficiaries will be, since the project is mainly targeting less fortunate families in the INDIAN Ocean island country.

He also says experts from INDIA are already in the country, and the authorities expect materials for the farm and other units to arrive by SEPTEMBER.

The group of 115 islands in the western INDIAN Ocean, which relies heavily on imported fossil fuel for power generation and transport, currently has TWO-POINT-FIVE percent of its national electrical energy from renewable sources.

However, Mr MORIN says the SECOND project on ROMAINVILLE Island is a FIVE-megawatt solar photovoltaic system.


Meanwhile, stakeholders have met at the International Centre of SEYCHELLES in the capital, VICTORIA, to discuss a national proposal to be submitted to the Green Climate Fund.

The Fund is a facility established within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change aimed to help developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices against weather variations.

The Principal Energy Policy Analyst in the Environment, Energy, and Climate Change Ministry says the proposal is in line with the SEYCHELLES 100 percent Renewable Energy Strategy.

THEODORE MARGUERITE also says delegates have met to understand the rationale of the plan and of the strategy, as well as getting clarity on the current national energy system.

SNA says the Green Climate Fund is a facility established within the framework of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to assist developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change.

Mr MARGUERITE says SEYCHELLES is working on a proposal of 400-MILLION US dollars for submission to the SOUTH KOREA-based Green Climate Fund.

He says the process started in 2016 with help by consultants from the GREEN WERK group, a climate advisory network based in GERMANY.

ONE official, STEFAN WEHNER, says they are helping with the strategy and mobilising international climate finance; because preliminary studies have shown solar energy is the key source of renewable energy for the islands.

He says PV panels can be installed as rooftops are also available, with wind also as another resource, although in the end, a mix of technologies, the most cost-effective, will be considered for SEYCHELLES.

SEYCHELLES Public Utilities Corporation Chief Executive Officer MORIN says the country has to reinforce the electricity network in preparation for the planned targets./Sabanews/cam



Domestic violence affects both men and women (Pic. Getty Images)

WINDHOEK – While human rights campaigners always tend to portray women to be victims of domestic violence, it is slowly emerging that men also find themselves in the predicament.

NBC News says ONE such victim is ANTON NABEB from the GOREANGAB Settlement in the capital, WINDHOEK.

The national broadcaster says the mother of his TWO children set him on fire after dowsing him with paraffin as he slept in their bed.

It quotes Mr NABEB as saying the incident took place after he returned home following a late night outing with friends and went straight to sleep.

He alleges while he was asleep, his partner poured paraffin mostly on his private parts, set him alight, and locked the bedroom door.

However, Mr NABEB says neighbours came to his rescue, but the incident has still left him in a terrible condition.

NBC News says he has since been under the care of his mother, and is now confined to a wheelchair.

Family members say they want him to be admitted for treatment until he gets better, as the current conditions make it difficult for him to heal properly.

Nevertheless, officials at the Health and Social Services Ministry have told the national broadcaster hospitals are meant for current patients and not outpatients requiring healing.

A report in THE NAMIBIAN newspaper of late last year says cases of domestic violence increased sharply by 23 percent between 2016 and 2017.

It says Police Major General ANNE-MARIE NAINDA revealed the information at the launch of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence 2017 Campaign in WINDHOEK.

NAMIBIA reportedly has a high rate of the abuse of children and women, usually by boyfriends or husbands; despite the emerging cases of violated men./Sabanews/cam



Chinese traders largely blamed for illegal ogging (Pic. Agencies)

TETE – MOZAMBIQUE continues to face an increased destruction of its forest resources despite efforts to fight illegal wood hunters over years now.

The Attorney General’s Office in the central province of TETE says it had prosecuted some 54 cases of illegal logging within the FIRST THREE months of this year alone.

The Provincial Chief Prosecutor has revealed the information during a workshop to discuss ways to end the devastation of the tropical forestry areas of the SADC country.

JORGE TIVANE says the current levels of illegal exploitation of timber are too high, comparing the 54 cases in the FIRST QUARTER of 2018 against the total 85 cases last year.

RADIO MOZAMBIQUE quotes him as saying the 54 cases processed up to MARCH, EIGHT accused persons have appeared in Court, and TWO of them have been discharged due to lack of sufficient evidence.

The national broadcaster says a civil society group advocating for sustainable exploitation of natural resources has organised the TETE conference to help save the forests.

Earlier media reports say the threatened tropical forests comprise more than 50 percent of the land mass of MOZAMBIQUE.

A NEWS 24 story in APRIL last year says the never-ending CHINESE thirst for rare wood to propel its furniture sector as well as rampant illegal logging threaten to destroy all of it.

It quotes the BRITAIN-based ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY as saying 93 percent of timber logging in 2013 in MOZAMBIQUE was illegal, and most of it ended up in CHINA.

The report says corruption, weak laws and ineffective institutions, as well as scanty resources to fight the crime, have left the national forests without protection.

Environmental protection campaigners have largely blamed CHINA for the destruction of forests in MOZAMBIQUE, after it started restricting industrial logging in its own forests at the turn of the Century./Sabanews/cam