Lwendela Traditional Ceremony at Chief Ingwe Mahanda of the Kaonde people (Pic. Zambian Day)

SOLWEZI – A cultural lobby group, the NSAKWA YABA KAONDE in NORTH-WESTERN Province of ZAMBIA has appealed to traditional leaders to avoid selling land to foreigners.

NSAKWA YABA KAONDE Vice Chairperson GOODSON SANSAKUWA has made the call during the NTONGO Traditional Ceremony of the KAONDE speaking people under Chief CHIZELA.

He says traditional leaders should welcome investors who come to do business in the region but have to discourage their residents from selling the soil.

Mr SANSAKUWA says the land belongs to locals and future generations; meaning chiefs should ensure people have access to land for the betterment of their livelihoods and of the country.

Meanwhile, NORTH-WESTERN Provincial Permanent Secretary EPHRAIM MATEYO has urged all ethnic groups in the country to respect their cultures and traditions.

He has further assured the NSAKWA YABA KAONDE the government has taken note of their concern and will work with traditional leaders to stop the act of selling land.

Land ownership is a critical in a number of SADC countries that have not yet settles millions of residents displaced by colonial systems, although nations like ZAMBIA have theirs in abundance.

NAMIBIA is struggling to silence growing public protests in demand for accommodation and farming spaces, while beneficiaries of apartheid rule continue to hold on to vast tracts.

Like neighbouring ZIMBABWE, the country is under a willing-buyer-willing-seller contract signed as part of conditions for independence in 1990; which has so far failed to pay off.

The regional powerhouse, SOUTH AFRICA, is on the other hand also facing similar and growing calls for black access to land.

SADC does not have a publicly known strategy to end the volatile issues of land occupation and resettlement in affected countries, even after a wakeup call from the devastating events at the turn of the Century in ZIMBABWE./Sabanews/cam



Tanzanian President invites former government leaders for advisce (Pic. Kahawa Tungu)

DAR ES SALAAM – TANZANIA has for the FIRST time in its history witnessed an event where the Heads of State has invited former leaders to discuss a variety of national issues.

The DAILY NEWS says President JOHN MAGUFULI has this week met with former Presidents BENJAMIN MKAPA, ALHAJ ALI HASSAN MWINYI and former ZANZIBAR President AMAN ABEID KARUME.


Others are former Vice President MOHAMED BILAL, former National Assembly Speakers PIUS MSEKWA and ANNE MAKINDA, as well as former Chief Justices BARNABAS SAMATTA, AUGUSTINO RAMADHAN and MOHAMED OTHMAN.

The powerful gathering further included Prime Minister KASSIM MAJALIWA, Parliament Speaker JOB NDUGAI and other high ranking State officials.

President MAGUFULI says he decided to invite former leaders in recognition of their contributions to the leadership and development of TANZANIA.

He says he has been excited to meet with them and he is looking forward to benefit from their wisdom, which he needs in his administration.

President MAGUFULI says he has also missed his former colleagues, and he has invited them because they did a very good job to the nation, which is very proud of them.

He also says he wishes he could be like the former leaders, and he would like to brief them on what his government has been doing in the past TWO years.

The TANZANIAN Head of State says he would like to hear from the veterans what his administration should do to make the country move forward.

President MAGUFULI says it could be difficult for him to meet everyone privately, but meeting together at State House gives a good platform to exchange ideas and share some wisdom.

He says he is happy to meet with leaders under whom he served in the previous governments, including former Prime Minister LOWASSA who was his rival during the Presidential contest in 2015.

He says the former Premier, to whom he refers as Mzee LOWASSA, is a wise man; and he remembers there was no point when he aired abuses on stage during the campaigns.

On their part, the former leaders have commended President MAGUFULI for inviting them.

They say he should strengthen and build up institutions to supervise different projects under the FIFTH Government, which should have strong institutions and ensure implementation of big development projects.

The major schemes the leaders have mentioned include construction of railways, war against corruption, discipline in offices, increases revenue collection, provision of social services, and ensuring all TANZANIANS work hard to build the nation./Sabanews/cam


SA to hikes fuel prices (Pic. SABC)

JOHANNESBURG – Motorist in SOUTH AFRICA have expressed mixed feelings after the increase in fuel prices today (WEDNESDAY).

SABC News says the development brings to FIVE the number of times prices at the pumps have risen since the beginning of the year.

It says the cost of petrol and diesel has increased by around 26 SOUTH AFRICAN cents a litre, paraffin by 22 cents a litre and LP-Gas by 37 cents a kilogram.

Market figures show the SOUTH AFRICAN currency is trading at 13 rand 70 cents per US dollar.

SABC News says times are tough for most SOUTH AFRICANS, but not everyone is willing to change their lifestyle; not even the increased fuel prices can deter them from driving their cars.

The national broadcaster quotes ONE driver as saying he bought his vehicle and he wants to use to go to work and other things, even if it is costing him.

It further quotes fuel retailers as saying they have seen more motorists spending smaller amounts to refill their tanks, but the volume of fuel sold has not changed.

Some say they will have to persevere and hope the State will eventually do something, amid fears the hike may hit small business hard after failing to pass on the increases to customers.

On the other hand, taxi drivers say the increase will make it difficult to keep up with the high maintenance of their vehicles.

Meanwhile, the opposition INKATHA FREEDOM PARTY says it has written to National Assembly Speaker BALEKA MBETE to request an urgent debate on fuel price hikes.

Party Spokesperson MKHULEKO HLENGWA says they will also write to the Ministers Finance, NHLANHLA NENE, and Energy, JEFF RADEBE.

He says they want to request the Cabinet members to suspend the General Fuel and Road Accident levies on the petrol price per litre.

The SOUTH AFRICAN politician says his party believes such measures can reduce the cost to about 11 rand per litre and stabilise the monthly adjustments to the fuel prices./Sabanews/cam



Zimbabwean school children at a rally (Pic. Agencies)

HARARE – The UNITED NATIONS Mission in ZIMBABWE has commended the High Court decision to protect children from forced attendance at political rallies.

Communications Specialist SIRAK GEBREHIWOT has issued a statement after the ruling of 28 JUNE 2018.

The ruling says learners must not be taken away from lessons to be present at campaign gatherings.

The Court decision also says political parties must not have the freedom to use school equipment, including vehicles, for their organisational interests.

The verdict is in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which says the best interests of the child must be the paramount consideration in every situation, and at all times.

Mr GEBREHIWOT says the UN emphasizes schools must be havens of safety, and children must continue to have uninterrupted access to basic social services.

The ruling ZANU PF has over the years been forcing both teachers and school children to attend political rallies, regardless of whether or not they were party members.

Media reports say the party, citing technicalities in the application, had tried to stop the hearing of the case filed by the AMALGAMATED RURAL TEACHERS’ UNION OF ZIMBABWE.

However, Justice JOSEPH MAFUSIRE, sitting at the MASVINGO High Court, ruled the matter was urgent.

The teachers’ union that took ZANU PF to Court says has welcomed the decision against the long practice of forcing learners and teachers to rallies during class times.

ZIMBABWE is going for general elections within the next THREE weeks on 30 JULY, with some 23 presidential candidates expected to battle it out for the top job./Sabanews/cam



Traditional Swazi marriage ceremony can take days (Pic. Cabrini Ministries)

MBABANE – A woman in Southern SWAZILAND has successfully applied to the High Court to stop her husband from marrying another wife.

HLOBISILE NDWANDWE METFULA of MOOIHOEK in SHISELWENI Region filed an urgent application after she got wind that MBONGENI METFULA had been engaged.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the engagement ceremony between MBONGENI and HLOBISILE NDLANGAMANDLA, with whom she shares a FIRST name, took place at the TERBANACLE Church this MAY.

It says in her application, Ms NDWANDWE METFULA has produced pictures of her husband putting a ring on Ms NDLANGAMANDLA’s finger during the event.

She says TERBANACLE Church members alerted her of the planned marriage, saying the TWO had engaged before Pastor FUTHI SIMELANE.

Ms NDWANDWE METFULA has also shown the Court pictures showing her husband and Ms NDLANGAMANDLA standing together.

She has told the Judge she has been advised, and truly believes MBONGENI and Ms NDLANGAMANDLA could contract a civil marriage anytime from now.

The TIMES says Judge TITUS MLANGENI has issued the order prohibiting the husband from formalising or contracting a civil rites marriage with Ms NDLANGAMANDLA.

However, he has delayed judgement on other matters Ms NDWANDWE METFULA filed, including declaring the relationship between MBONGENI and Ms NDLANGAMANDLA adulterous.

Ms NDWANDWE METFULA has also cited Pastor FUTHI SIMELANE as the THIRD respondent in the matter.

She has cited the cleric in his official capacity as the Pastor of TERBANACLE Church, as he reportedly officiated the engagement of MBONGENI and Ms NDLANGAMANDLA.

Ms NDWANDWE METFULA says she is the lawful wife of MBONGENI, after contracting a civil rites marriage in community of property on 18 JUNE 2018 at PHUZUMOYA.

She says their matrimony still subsists and the marriage certificate is allegedly in the possession of MBONGENI.

Ms NDWANDWE METFULA has further told the Court the couple have a matrimonial home at MOOIHOEK in the SHISELWENI Region, and they have THREE children.

The government of SWAZILAND recognises civil marriages as well as marriages under the traditional and customary law./Sabanews/cam