Ossufo Momade addresses a media conference (Pic. Club of Mozambique)

BEIRA – President FILIPE NYUSI of MOZAMBIQUE has met with the interim leader of the former rebel RENAMO movement, USSOFO MOMADE.

RADIO MOZAMBIQUE says they have held discussions in the port city of BEIRA and reached a deal to, finally, disarm the remaining terrorists in the country.

It says the militia members are free to, either, join the national armed forces or they can simply assume civilian life and unite with the rest of the population in peace.

The agreement between the TWO sides requires RENAMO to give a list of the combatants it wants to be integrated into the security forces to the government in the next few days.

Mr USSOFO has addressed journalist after the meeting, saying his party has no interest in keeping weapons and would like to end the current discord before the OCTOBER elections.

He says the remaining armed rebels should FIRST undergo a demobilisation exercise and hand over all their weaponry before they can join the military or retire to civilian life.

RENAMO, whose PORTUGUESE acronym means MOZAMBICAN NATIONAL RESISTANCE, has been a militant group and political movement in the country.

The RHODESIAN Central Intelligence Organisation founded and sponsored it in 1975 as part of a campaign against President SAMORA MACHEL, for accommodating guerrilla fighters of the ZIMBABWEAN liberation struggle.

The RHODESIANS had recruited and retrained a former FRELIMO soldier, ANDRÉ MATSANGAISSA, who was later killed in battle and replaced by AFONSO DHLAKAMA.

DHLAKAMA died in MAY this year after reaching a ceasefire agreement with the NYUSI Administration, although a number of his armed units still remain in the bush.

However, the interim leader of RENAMO, which is the biggest opposition party in the MOZAMBIQUE National Assembly, has pledged to return the SADC country to peace./Sabanews/cam

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