King Mswati the Third (Pic. Agencies)

MANZINI – A 60-year-old man from the SALUKAZI area in the MANZINI District of SWAZILAND has been brutally killed by unknown assailants.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says a search and rescue party discovered the body of NICHOLUS SIMELANE in a thick bush after he had gone missing this SUNDAY.

It says his upper body was burnt beyond recognition, with witnesses at the scene saying they saw a tyre that they suspect to have been used to burn him.

The people also say the elderly man had left his home the same SUNDAY morning for a meeting at the Umphakatsi, an administrative subdivision smaller than an Inkhundla.

The TIMES says the late SIMELANE left the Umphakatsi premises after the meeting, just like all others; but he then visited a nearby drinking spot where he drank until late evening.

It says a source privy to the details of the matter alleges information gathered after his disappearance suggests some people followed him when he left the drinking hole.

The newspaper says the gang is alleged to have publicly threatened Mr SIMELANE after they suspected him of wrongdoing, which it says cannot be mentioned due to its sensitivity.

On the other hand, witnesses say the body of the elderly man appeared to have gaping wounds that appear to be a result of severe assault.

Earlier on when his family realised he did not return on SUNDAY evening they made efforts to at least, get hold of him through his mobile phone but it was off.

His children continued calling his number until a voice answered on MONDAY morning, pretending to be the late Mr SIMELANE – and saying he was stuck in a stream.

ONE of the witnesses says the area has many streams, and when the person was asked to be specific, he hung up.

Although the child who had called said the voice on the other end was not his father’s, they kept on trying the number until the phone was switched off at last.

The TIMES says the murder of the old man has baffled residents, who say the SWAZI Police had to work around the clock to locate the late SIMELANE./Sabanews/cam

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