The dangerous plank road on Huashan (Pic. Ancient Origins)

NGORONGORO – The authorities in the NGORONGORO Conservation Area in Northern TANZANIA are planning to build ONE of the most scaring gangplank bridges in the world.

The DAILY NEWS says the structure, running over the active OLDONYO L’ENGAI volcanic mountain, is likely to be more frightening than the HUASHAN Trail of CHINA.

It quotes Engineer JOSHUA MWANKUNDE as saying they have already mapped the potential area to build the 15-kilometre-long overpass.

It will link the MOUNTAIN OF GOD, as OLDONYO LENGAI in NGARESERO is known, to the EMPAAKAI Crater in the NGORONGORO Conservation Area, giving daring tourists a thrilling adventure of a lifetime.

Engineer MWANKUNDE, Manager In-Charge of the newly established NGORONGORO-LENGAI Geopark, has revealed the plans during the FIRST Tourism Investors’ Forum the Area Authority has organised.

The gathering, jointly held with the TANZANIA ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS and HOTEL ASSOCIATION OF TANZANIA, aims to discuss ways to increase tourism ventures.

Natural Resources and Tourism Deputy Minister JAPHET HASUNGA has opened the forum, saying improvised attractions support the State plans to record TWO-MILLION tourists by 2020.

Meanwhile, the DAILY NEWS says the revival of the national carrier, AIR TANZANIA, has seen tourism players setting up more lodges, hotels, and campsites in the NGORONGORO-LENGAI Geopark.

It says AIR TANZANIA officials have recently announced plans to roll out the proposed DAR ES SALAAM-BEIJING route, shortly after the national flag carrier acquired its new BOEING 787 DREAMLINER.

More than 25 different firms specialising in travel, tourism, and hospitality industries have come up with the initiative hoping the revived airliner will bring in more visitors.

They expect to attract people from the FAR EAST, mainly the CHINESE who like geological formations, spellbinding views and topography as opposed to the Western visitors who prefer wildlife.

Association of Tour Operators Chairperson WILL CHAMBULO says the NASERA Rock, ONE of the giant stones in the Northern Zone, can make good camping site for tourists.

However, he says they will have to move the nearby road connecting the NGORONGORO Conservation Area with LOLIONDO, further to ensure the location has the required privacy for tented abodes.

The DAILY NEWS says the NGORONGORO Conservation Area Authority recently got the mandate to set up the national geological form of tourism known as Geopark.

It says the Authority has so far listed the NGORONGORO-LENGAI Geopark in association with the EUROPEAN UNION (EU) and UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO.

TANZANIA is the SECOND AFRICAN country to have a Geopark after MOROCCO, and the government of CHINA has recently given about 10-MILLION-964-THOUSAND US dollars to boost development of the new type of tourism./Sabanews/cam

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