Some of the beneficiaries of FEDOMA schemes (Pic. Malawi 24)

LILONGWE – MALAWI has launched the National Disability Mainstreaming Strategy and Implementation Plan aimed to increase the contribution of persons with disabilities to development activities.

The government says the move comes after years of advocacy from a variety of groups under the banner of the FEDERATION OF DISABILITY ORGANIZATIONS IN MALAWI, FEDOMA, complaining about marginalisation.

Gender, Children, Disability, and Welfare Minister JEAN KALILANI has revealed the information at the launch of the strategy this week in the capital, LILONGWE.

She says the policy will remove and avoid the inequalities between persons with disabilities and the able-bodied persons.

Minister KALILANI says people with disabilities have many obstacles in accessing education, health and other services, all of which the strategy is going to eliminate.

MBC News quotes the Cabinet member as saying affected citizens will now be able to enter any house they want and have access to other services at any time just like anybody else.

She says the government aims at empower persons with disabilities economically, set up a disability fund and make sure they have presentation in the National Assembly.

FEDOMA Chairperson NITTAH HANJAHANJA has commended the State for listening to their calls, saying her group will reach out to affected people starting from primary schools.

They feel the strategy should be implemented like never done before, given the number of stakeholders like ministries and other departments that have been part of the process.

Diplomatic missions have also applauded the planned MALAWI disability intervention scheme, with AMERICAN Ambassador VIRGINIA PALMER describing it as a milestone in efforts to build a prosperous nation./Sabanews/cam

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