Traditional Swazi marriage ceremony can take days (Pic. Cabrini Ministries)

MBABANE – A woman in Southern SWAZILAND has successfully applied to the High Court to stop her husband from marrying another wife.

HLOBISILE NDWANDWE METFULA of MOOIHOEK in SHISELWENI Region filed an urgent application after she got wind that MBONGENI METFULA had been engaged.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND says the engagement ceremony between MBONGENI and HLOBISILE NDLANGAMANDLA, with whom she shares a FIRST name, took place at the TERBANACLE Church this MAY.

It says in her application, Ms NDWANDWE METFULA has produced pictures of her husband putting a ring on Ms NDLANGAMANDLA’s finger during the event.

She says TERBANACLE Church members alerted her of the planned marriage, saying the TWO had engaged before Pastor FUTHI SIMELANE.

Ms NDWANDWE METFULA has also shown the Court pictures showing her husband and Ms NDLANGAMANDLA standing together.

She has told the Judge she has been advised, and truly believes MBONGENI and Ms NDLANGAMANDLA could contract a civil marriage anytime from now.

The TIMES says Judge TITUS MLANGENI has issued the order prohibiting the husband from formalising or contracting a civil rites marriage with Ms NDLANGAMANDLA.

However, he has delayed judgement on other matters Ms NDWANDWE METFULA filed, including declaring the relationship between MBONGENI and Ms NDLANGAMANDLA adulterous.

Ms NDWANDWE METFULA has also cited Pastor FUTHI SIMELANE as the THIRD respondent in the matter.

She has cited the cleric in his official capacity as the Pastor of TERBANACLE Church, as he reportedly officiated the engagement of MBONGENI and Ms NDLANGAMANDLA.

Ms NDWANDWE METFULA says she is the lawful wife of MBONGENI, after contracting a civil rites marriage in community of property on 18 JUNE 2018 at PHUZUMOYA.

She says their matrimony still subsists and the marriage certificate is allegedly in the possession of MBONGENI.

Ms NDWANDWE METFULA has further told the Court the couple have a matrimonial home at MOOIHOEK in the SHISELWENI Region, and they have THREE children.

The government of SWAZILAND recognises civil marriages as well as marriages under the traditional and customary law./Sabanews/cam

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