Game rangers and vets remove a wire snare from a rhino in the Mosia-Tunya National Park near Livingstone Town (Pic. Oscar Nkala)

LUSAKA – Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary HOWARD SIKWELA of ZAMBIA says he is concerned about the high numbers of women being used as agents in illegal wildlife trade.

The LUSAKA TIMES says he has made the comments when Wildlife Crime Prevention Awareness Manager LUWI NGULIKA paid a courtesy call on him at his office.

It says Mr SIKWELA has called on the Wildlife Crime Prevention Awareness organization to carry out more sensitization, especially for women who end up suffering when arrested.

He says just like in drug trafficking, women fall victim as they are being used in the marketing and selling of contrabands like illegal game meat.

Mr SIKWELA has also asked the Awareness Manager to go flat out and tell women about the dangers that come with such risky business engagements.

He says the government cannot manage to go it alone in bringing down wildlife crime, hence the need to engage with other stakeholders like the Wildlife Crime Prevention Awareness.

Manager NGULIKA says her organization cherishes the support from the Tourism and Arts Ministry and wishes for continued partnership for posterity.

She says there is need to change the manner in the way people look at conservation efforts of all parties involved for the benefit of all ZAMBIANS.

Ms NGULIKA says ZAMBIANS need to know the value of wildlife, and there is need to leave a legacy of conservation efforts.

The TIMES says the information is in a statement from Tourism and Arts Ministry Public Relations Officer SAKABILO KALEMBWE earlier this week in the capital, LUSAKA.

A 2016 report says the elephant population in ZAMBIA has declined by about 90 percent due to poaching, while the number of black rhinos of about 13-THOUSAND in 1981 is now extinct./Sabanews/cam

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