HARARE – President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA of ZIMBABWE says the opposition election petition against the 30 JULY presidential poll result is simply a tactic to delay his inauguration.

The ZIMBABWEAN Leader, who the Electoral Commission has since declared as duly elected, has filed his defence papers with the Constitutional Court in the capital, HARARE.

Emmerson Mnangagwa legal team after filing opposing papers at Constitutional Court in Harare (Pic. The Herald)

President MNANGAGWA has a team of lawyers under the leadership of Advocate LEWIS URIRI, who say the petition lacks validity and should be thrown out.

Opposition MDC ALLIANCE Leader NELSON CHAMISA filed his papers last FRIDAY, claiming the Electoral Commission stole his victory on behalf of the ruling ZANU PF Candidate.

Results from the just ended general polls show the governing party managed 145 National Assembly seats against 63 of the MDC ALLIANCE, and President MNANGAGWA beat Mr CHAMISA with 50-POINT-EIGHT percent against 43-POINT-THREE percent.

While Mr CHAMISA says he has no problem with the Parliamentary ballot results as they stand, he says he has evidence the presidential ballot result is in his favour.

However, in his defence papers President MNANGAGWA says Mr CHAMISA did not mount his application for the bona fide purpose of setting aside the result of the presidential election of 30 JULY 2018.

The defence says instead, the move by the opposition leader aims to delay the inauguration of the President-elect and to make political statements in court.

The defence alleges the actions of Mr CHAMISA are obvious from the fact that the application does not comply with the rules of the honourable court and the Constitution.

President MNANGAGWA says the court must see through the trick and dismiss as well as condemn the application for the grossly childish manner in which Mr CHAMISA prosecuted it.

The Head of State says Mr CHAMISA has produced no evidence of anomalies to justify the overturn of the declaration by the 23RD Respondent, Electoral Commission chairperson Justice PRISCILLA CHIGUMBA.

The defence also says the opposition leader has avoided the physical recounting of the votes, preferring, instead, to sway the court into considering unsubstantiated claims by faceless witnesses in some cases.

The Constitutional Court of ZIMBABWE has not yet announced a date for the opening of the opposition petition case against the 2018 Presidential ballot, but it has up to 14 days to finalise the hearing and give judgement./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – About ONE-THOUSAND civil society campaigners in Southern AFRICA have today been due to meet in NAMIBIA to lobby governments on a number of social issues.

Ousted Presidents Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Jacob Zuma of South Africa (Pic. The Sunday News)

The meeting in the capital, WINDHOEK, comes ahead of the 38TH Ordinary Summit of the SADC Heads of State and Government taking place from tomorrow, FRIDAY, to the 18 AUGUST at the SAFARI COURT Hotel and Conference Centre in WINDHOEK

The SADC Summit, coming amid continued poverty escalation, is running under the theme: Promoting Infrastructure Development and Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development.

The civil society groups have named their own meeting the People’s Summit, with the theme: Reclaiming SADC for Social, Economic and Political Justice, Free Movement and Use of Natural Resources for Youth Employment, Affordable Land, and Housing for All.

The Secretary General of the SOUTHERN AFRICAN PEOPLE’S SOLIDARITY NETWORK says they aim to discuss democracy, human rights, youth empowerment, economic, and environmental justice, as well as gender issues.

NBC News quotes SOFONEA SHALE as saying delegates will also talk about cash-outflows from the region and its borrowing from institutions whose conditions hurt ordinary people in SADC countries.

The national broadcaster says People’s Summit Chairperson RONNY DEMPERS describes the meeting as a platform from which ordinary people can engage heads of state and government.

Their deliberations today will wind up with a communique spelling out what the citizens of the SADC Region want from their national leaders.

NBC News says the massive group will go on a march tomorrow (FRIDAY) from the WINDHOEK Show Grounds to the AGOSTINHO NETO Park to hand over their message.

The SOUTHERN AFRICAN PEOPLE’S SOLIDARITY NETWORK gathers development NGOs and institutions, civil society groups like trade unions, churches, and community-based movements.

The organisation aims to create a unified strategy for Southern AFRICA in order to resist and counterbalance the negative effects of globalisation on the SADC Region.

It says it believes in the necessity to strengthen national struggles, starting with support for grass-root movements – especially networks that include marginalized communities.

The group is lobbying national leaders as NAMIBIA assumes the role of Chair of the SADC this month, taking over from SOUTH AFRICA.

NAMIBIA is FIRST hosting the SADC Senior Officials’ Meeting from NINE to 11 AUGUST, the Ministerial Meeting from the 13TH to the 14TH and the Senior Officials, Ministerial and Summit Troika on 16 AUGUST.

Both the 38TH Ordinary Summit of the Heads of State and Government and the People’s Summit are taking place a couple of months after the public ouster of Presidents ROBERT MUGABE of ZIMBABWE and JACOB ZUMA of SOUTH AFRICA./Sabanews/cam