LUQOLWENI – A newly hired contract teacher who went for THREE months without pay has killed himself at a school in Central SWAZILAND.

Pensive King Mswati the Third after death of wife (Pic.

The TIMES OF SWAZILAND names him as 33-year-old MXOLISI NDLANGAMANDLA of KA-MKHWELI Primary School, which is outside SIPHOFANENI Town in LUBOMBO Region.

It says he allegedly took his own life by drinking the deadly grain weevil tablet, apparently after failing to cope as he found himself drowning in debt.

The late NDLANGAMANDLA, a graduate from LIMKOKWING University of Creative Technology, died a few days after his FIRST salary, which may have not been enough to cover his borrowings.

He passed away on a SUNDAY at the homestead of the deceased at LUQOLWENI, an area about 31 kilometres east of HLATIKHULU in the SHISELWENI Region.

ONE of his sisters found him slouched in his bed, and when family members entered the room – they smelled the deadly grain weevil tablet. They reported the case to the police.

Relatives say the late NDLANGAMANDLA had paid them a visit from his workplace over the weekend, and they had expected to return to the school on the SUNDAY he died.

The sister who raised the alarm had asked him for some money to buy a laptop, and she had gone to his house – in the same family homestead – to check if he was able to help her.

The TIMES says she had become curious after her late brother did not respond to her repeated knocks on the locked door.

It says the young woman then peeped through the window and found NDLANGAMANDLA still in bed, but sleeping in an unusual position.

ONE witness says she immediately alerted other family members, who forced entry into the house.

The relatives say they suspect the man took his own life due to huge debts acquired in the THREE months he had to wait, as a new teacher, without pay.

They say he was finding it difficult to raise enough money to settle his debts, because the pay he eventually received last month was just not enough.

NDLANGAMANDLA’s shocked father has expressed confusion about what pushed his son over the edge, saying he personally searched the house hoping to find a suicide note; but there was nothing.

He says all the family has to do is to speculate on the reasons that could have driven his son to such extremes.

The SWAZI old man says the suicide has left them so confused as a family, because his son had seemed to be so in charge of his life.

The death of the teacher comes amid media reports saying the EIGHTH wife of King MSWATI THE THIRD also committed suicide early this year.

The late wife of the King of SWAZILAND, SENTENI MASANGO (37), allegedly took an overdose of about 40 capsules mostly used to treat depression./Sabanews/cam

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