Nelson Chamisa (Pic. News Day)

HARARE – The opposition MDC-ALLIANCE of ZIMBABWE may experience serious divisions in its senior ranks after the recent general elections it lost to the ruling ZANU PF.

Leader of the group, NELSON CHAMISA, has rejected their defeat, saying he is challenging the results in court, but some fellow members say accept their ballot fate – and support groups agree.

Chamisa rally in Chipinge, eastern highlands (Pic. News Day)

The development comes as President-elect EMMERSON MNANGAGWA prepares for his inauguration this SATURDAY, NINE days after announcement of the ballot result.

However, the whole process depends on whether or not Mr CHAMISA will indeed, approach the Constitutional Court before the end of day THURSDAY – SEVEN days after the result announcement.

He is rejecting the Election Commission conclusion that President-elect MNANGAGWA scored 50-POINT-EIGHT percent of all the votes cast last MONDAY and he won some 43-POINT-THREE percent.

Mnangagwa rally in Mutare , eastern highlands (Pic. Bulawayo 24)

Yet Mr CHAMISA says it is acceptable for the ruling ZANU-PF to have won 145 National Assembly seats against the 63 seats of the MDC-ALLIANCE, but it is improper for him to have lost in the ZANU PF strongholds.

The NATIONAL PATRIOTIC FRONT Party, allegedly funded by former dictator ROBERT MUGABE, won the KWEKWE CENTRAL seat through MATAMBANADZO MASANGO.

A former ZANU PF Provincial Chairperson now standing as an Independent, TEMBA MLISWA has beaten both the ruling party and the MDC ALLIANCE in NORTON.

Ironically, the capital, an MDC ALLIANCE stronghold, is not celebrating with the majority voters, most rural, because the opposition leader gave supporters a dummy when he declared victory – even before the ballots – and went on to lose the race convincingly.

EDWARD GRAHAM CROSS is a 78-year-old MP for BULAWAYO SOUTH, an economist with the MDC ALLIANCE and its current Policy Coordinator General.

Eddie Cross (Pic. Agencies)

He disagrees with Mr CHAMISA.

Mr CROSS, a strong opponent of minority rule during the RHODESIA era, has posted on the web, saying the MDC-ALLIANCE lost and President-elect MNANGAGWA only faces the challenge of turning around the economy and uniting the nation.

The veteran politician says the incoming Head of State has been elected properly, in what he describes as the most democratic election since independence in 1980; and the opposition has itself to blame for losing because it failed to field polling agents.

Mr CROSS has taken a swipe at what he calls the international community for failing to fund the MDC-ALLIANCE, as they also failed to support the polling agent system as in all previous elections.

Nevertheless, he says the outcry that followed is logical because in the past the Electoral Commission was fully partisan, like in 2008 when the late MORGAN TSVANGIRAI won by a clear majority but failed to rule.

The ZIMBABWE ELECTION SUPPORT NETWORK, a lobby group sympathetic to the MDC ALLIANCE, says the poll outcome reflects its own projections after official results announced at 750 polling stations.

Media reports say it has issued a statement saying its sample-based observation indicated President-elect MNANGAGWA would win 50-POINT-SEVEN percent of the vote, while the Mr CHAMISA would collect 45-POINT-SEVEN percent of the ballot.

The ZIMBABWE ELECTION SUPPORT NETWORK says polling agents of the different political parties got V-ELEVEN forms at 98 percent of the 10-THOUSAND-765 polling stations, where officials posted results immediately as required by the law.

The lobby group, a coalition of 36 NGOs, says ZESN is a coalition of 36 non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

THE HERALD says the CHAMISA-led MDC Secretary General DOUGLAS MWONZORA has denounced the involvement of former President MUGABE in their campaigns, and he does not dispute the election outcome.

He says his opposition to Mr MUGABE is known in his party because he has opposed working with the 94-year-old former dictator, who he describes as a kiss of death.

Mr CROSS says the MUGABE simply falsified the ballots and burned the papers afterwards; but had they done their job properly the late TSVANGIRAI would have been President for the past 10 years, and what a different country this would have been.

Despite the possible cracks in the opposition grouping, the global community has accepted the 2018 ZIMBABWE general election results and calls on MDC ALLIANCE Candidate to take his issue to court./Sabanews/cam

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