Harare evening (Pic. Agencies)

HARARE – The government of ZIMBABWE has dismissed social media allegations about members of the Defence Forces terrorising civilians in high-density suburbs of the capital, HARARE.

Foreign Affairs SIBUSISO MOYO says the soldiers are a well-trained as well as disciplined force, and they will not abduct and assault innocent civilians in townships.

THE HERALD says he has made the comments as he addressed ambassadors and international groups accredited to ZIMBABWE on the political situation in the country.

Minister MOYO says the State is willing to deal with cases backed by evidence, where a soldier over-steps his or her mandate of helping the police to maintain law and order.

Foreign Affairs Minister Moyo and Ambassador Chipo Zindoga brief ambassadors (Pic. The Herald)

He says there have been allegations of abductions, beatings, and raping of people by members of the security forces in response to a violent protest by the opposition MDC ALLIANCE.

Minister MOYO says following the demos that left SIX people dead the authorities have received information about rogue military acts in CHITUNGWIZA, KUWADZANA, and DZIVARESEKWA areas.

He says the government has fully investigated the claims; but officials at CHITUNGWIZA Hospital have told investigators there have never been any more people admitted to the health centre.

Minister MOYO says in fact, it was only on the violent WEDNESDAY of ONE AUGUST when they took in 14 people injured during the disturbances; but they were never admitted.

He says the government is also not aware of any beatings or abductions in KUWADZANA and DZIVARESEKWA, so far as has been reported.

Minister MOYO says all what the authorities are realising is there is a lot of misinformation coming out from social media.

He says the ZIMBABWEAN military are generally a well-trained and very disciplined force that has operated for almost more than THREE months from NOVEMBER 2017 to about JANUARY 2018.

Minister MOYO says at ONE stage the soldiers took over the responsibility of policing the country, and they are well experienced in dealing with people and they will not indulge in such acts.

The ZIMBABWEAN Foreign Affairs Minister says any person with evidence in connection with the alleged abductions and beatings by the military in the high-density suburbs is free to reveal to the authorities./Sabanews/cam

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