China and Africa continue to strengthen ties (Pic. Agencies)

BEIJING – President HAGE GEINGOB of NAMIBIA says sovereign AFRICAN countries will not be stopped from building and maintaining relations with CHINA.

He has addressed fellow leaders in the CHINESE capital, BEIJING, during discussions to examine claims about the SINO-AFRICA ties constituting neo-colonialism.

President GEINGOB says relations between the ASIAN giant and the continent have progressed well, and the benefits are tangible, despite the criticisms.

He says AFRICAN should not be prevented from attending gatherings such as the Forum on CHINA–AFRICA Cooperation.

The NAMIBIAN Leader, who also chairs the SOUTHERN AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY, says AFRICA never received any compensation for exploitation of its natural resources, including what GERMANS looted after World War TWO.

President GEINGOB says CHINA, on the other hand, has helped many countries to re-build, and it has seen potential for lasting cooperation with AFRICA.

Furthermore, he has commended CHINA’s non-interference in domestic politics of AFRICAN countries, as President XI JINPING announced at the opening of meeting.

President GEINGOB has pledged NAMIBIA’s readiness to help implement the new partnership initiatives between the continent and CHINA.

The new SINO-AFRICA initiatives include industrial development, the green economy, and agriculture.

The CHINESE Head of State says his country will implement the projects in the next THREE years and beyond.

The 2018 Forum on CHINA–AFRICA Cooperation Summit is the THIRD such gathering after the inaugural 2006 meeting in BEIJING and the 2015 summit in JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA./Sabanews/cam