Uncollected garbage is now common site in Harare CBD and residential areas (Pic. The Herald)

HARARE – The government of ZIMBABWE has released ONE-MILLION US dollars to the City of HARARE for the capital to fight a serious cholera outbreak.

The money, coming after the killer disease has already claimed 25 lives, aims to help the municipality to repair or upgrade collapsed sewerage systems in most high-density areas.

THE HERALD says the city itself, which has an open budget towards the program, has also deployed teams from other areas to assist in the poverty stricken western suburbs.

The State-controlled newspaper says the authorities have further stopped disconnecting water to ensure residents have continuous clean supplies in the wake of the cholera outbreak.

Acting Town Clerk HOSIAH CHISANGO, who has visited some areas in GLENVIEW and KUWADZANA suburbs, says the council is also clearing rubbish dumps in the affected places.

He says their teams have been to areas of GLENVIEW, BUDIRIRO, KUWADZANA and MUFAKOSE since last week, repairing and upgrading some collapsed sewer portions.

Patients get attention at the Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases Hospital (Pic. The Herald)

The development comes after the government has declared the HARARE cholera outbreak a state of emergency, following the detection of more than TWO-THOUSAND-300 cases in the neglected capital alone.

Areas like the central province of MIDLANDS, the south-eastern region of MASVINGO, the eastern highlands of MANICALAND, and the northern region of MASHONALAND CENTRAL have reported isolated cases of the disease.

THE HERALD says Health Minister OBADIAH MOYO has addressed the media in the capital after visiting the BEATRICE Road Infectious Diseases Hospital, ONE of the treatment sites in the city.

It quotes him as saying declaring the outbreak an emergency has allowed the State to organise resources quickly to contain the disease in HARARE, which has been the source of all cases reported countrywide.

Minister MOYO says the government will also be able to contain typhoid in the city as quickly as possible, to avoid further loss of life to such preventable diseases.

He has condemned the HARARE City Council for failing to attend to sewer bursts in GLEN VIEW for the past TWO months, resulting in the contamination of boreholes.

Minister MOYO says someone slept on duty, ONE of the problems the country must fight to ensure people work.

He says the whole outbreak is a result of blocked sewers, which residents reported, and which the council never repaired since JULY; and it now has the whole of GLEN VIEW and BUDIRIRO affected.

The ZIMBABWEAN Health Minister says the authorities will discuss to find a permanent solution to continued problems of the blocked sewer systems in the capital city of more than ONE-MILLION-600-THOUSAND people./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – Biased social taboos about monthly periods continue to be deprived girls and women in NAMIBIA of chances to take part freely and easily in school and other social activities.

Healthy and comfortable facilities can improve female lives (Pic. Namibia Economist)

NBC News says the situation has driven the WOMEN’S ACTION FOR DEVELOPMENT to launch a campaign on menstrual hygiene management in the capital, WINDHOEK.

Biological experts long proved that the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg every month or so, if a woman becomes pregnant; but if such action fails, the body releases that lining through a process known as menstruation or a period.

However, monthly periods remain distorted among a number of cultural groups around the world – especially in AFRICA and ASIA, where the blood is associated with filthiness and shame.

The WOMEN’S ACTION FOR DEVELOPMENT in NAMIBIA says it is, therefore lobbying to counter the perceptions of impurity and disgrace that such cultures ascribe to menstruation.

The group has dubbed its campaign: My Periods is Awesome, with the aim to create a positive perception of menstruation and other natural processes in girl-children and women.

NBC News says a former Executive Director of the organisation has addressed delegates to the launch of the crusade, saying only 17 percent of female learners in rural areas have access to good sanitation facilities.

VERONICA DE KLERK also says 29 percent of schools in the SADC country have flushing toilets, while at least 25 percent of girls have toilets mixed with the ones used by boys.

She says such type of facilities available to girl-children during menstruation often force them to miss or drop out of school.

Ms DE KLERK says lack of suitable infrastructure robs women of healthy, safe, and hygienic menstrual management, as well as their privacy.

Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Permanent Secretary SANET STEENKAMP says NAMIBIA will only realise quality education when society takes care of the health of adolescent girls.

The WISE ECONOMY Association of SWEDEN, which says all humans have the right to live lives with dignity and independence, has funded the menstrual health campaign in NAMIBIA./Sabanews/cam



HARARE – The ZIMBABWE Broadcasting Corporation, ZBC, has lost ONE of its most celebrated news producer-presenters.

The late Patience Hondo (Pic. Timeline Photos)

The national broadcaster has posted a brief story on the death of PATIENCE MAHUKU HONDO, saying she passed away after a short illness this week in the capital, HARARE.

It says the late 39-year-old journalist graduated with an Honours Degree in ENGLISH and Communication Studies from the MIDLANDS State University in 2004.

Ms MAHUKU HONDO joined the ZBC News Department on the FIRST of DECEMBER 2005 as a Television News Producer after her studies.

She assumed the position of Producer-Presenter on the National Languages Desk in 2009, presenting Chi-SHONA news on RADIO ZIMBABWE.

Colleagues, friends, and relatives have mourned her today (THURSDAY) in the WARREN PARK suburb of HARARE. She leaves behind husband LUCIOUS HONDO and THREE children.

The body of the late ZBC employee has been due to be carried to the Eastern ZIMBABWE highlands of RUSAPE, before burial tomorrow afternoon./Sabanews/cam



HARARE – At least FIVE people have been confirmed dead following a suspected cholera outbreak in TWO suburbs of the ZIMBABWEAN capital.

Children in poor high density areas are the most exposed (Pic. red Sky News)

THE HERALD says the disease has invaded CLENVIEW-THREE and BUDIRIRO high-density areas in the last TWO days, when it infected another 36 people.

It says the health authorities have admitted the suspected cases, 11 of them confirmed as cholera, to the BEATRICE Infectious Diseases Hospital in the HARARE township of MBARE.

An earlier report in the SUNDAY MAIL says the country experienced the deadliest cholera epidemic between AUGUST 2008 and JUNE 2009, when ONE-THOUSAND people from 98-THOUSAND recorded cases died.

It says the deadly disease started in the dormitory town of CHITUNGWIZA and spread across the country at a record speed, before causing havoc beyond the national borders.

The State-owned weekly says cholera killed FIVE people in APRIL in CHEGUTU Town, just outside the capital, but the Ministry of Health managed to contain the ailment.

The latest outbreak report comes amid reports saying HARARE water is not suitable for human consumption, which spells doom for families without easy access to boreholes and other protected sources.

Medical experts say the situation of poor water and sanitation facilities is rendering HARARE and CHITUNGWIZA fertile breeding grounds for the bacteria that causes cholera.

They say the infectious disease causes severe watery diarrhoea that can lead to dehydration, and even death if untreated, yet the World Health Organisation reports at least 150-THOUSAND cases each year.

UNICEF says cholera is a preventable disease that is often regarded as a barometer of inadequate access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

It says deaths due to severe illness and dehydration are not necessary, regrettable and people should considered it unacceptable.

Simple home remedies like Salt and Sugar Solution or the now widely available Oral Rehydration Salts can prevent the progression of the disease from mild to severe and to death.

The world body says the ZIMBABWE Integrated Diseases Surveillance and Response Technical guidelines list cholera among the diseases that must be reported on a daily basis during epidemics./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – The pressure group LANDLESS PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT, LPM, of NAMIBIA has applied to the Electoral Commission to register as a political party.

Landless People’s Movement Leader Bernadus Swartbooi (Pic. The Namibian)

Logistics and Events National Co-ordinator IVAN SKRYWER has led the delegation that handed in their letter this (THURSDAY) morning at his office in the capital, WINDHOEK.

Commission Director THEO MUJORO has received the application and explained the process to the LPM leadership, saying he will contact the group when registration is complete.

The national broadcaster says the Constitution requires an application for new party to include proof of about THREE-THOUSAND-500 registered members, who hold voters’ cards, and a registration fee of 25-THOUSAND NAMIBIA dollars.

Meanwhile, THE NAMIBIAN quotes the LPM Chief Campaigner as saying his group is GOD fearing, and it will restore the dignity of people if elected into power during the 2019 national elections.

BERNADUS SWARTBOOI says people in urban areas will get free plots of land within the FIRST 100 days, and the LPM will expropriate farmland measuring TWO-MILLION.

However, he does not say whether, or not, the group that advocates for ancestral land restitution will expropriate land without compensation.

Mr SWARTBOOI says they want to reduce the size of the Cabinet, and the number of parastatals, as well as trim the government by merging some ministries into one in order to save the nation billions of dollars.

He has pledged job creation, especially for the youth, unlike the current administration that he claims focuses on a building model to allow politicians and permanent secretaries to line their pockets through shady construction tenders.

Mr SWARTBOOI has condemned the government for excluding the LPM from the planned OCTOBER Land Conference, which he also calls an agenda to marginalise further people who have already lost their land.

The NAMIBIAN pressure group leader has ruled out the ability of the HAGE GEINGOB Administration to deal with the land, alleging the State will be another respondent in land claims./Sabanews/cam



ZANZIBAR CITY – The President of the TANZANIAN semi-autonomous islands of ZANZIBAR has called on people in his country to stop occupy land illegally.

City street in Zanzibar (Pic. Getty Pictures)

ALI MOHAMED SHEIN says his government will not tolerate law abusers, and it will not fold its hands as criminals set up homes in protected and non-residential areas.

The DAILY NEWS says his comments come after a trip to a FOUR-POINT-THREE-hectare plot reserved for the ZANZIBAR High Court at TUNGUU in the Central District, in South UNGUJA.

President SHEIN has expressed dismay after disturbing reports saying a number of people have invaded the area.

He says the authorities and residents should not allow such acts, because it is against the law to grab State land reserved for socio-economic development projects.

The ZANZIBAR Archipelago in the INDIAN Ocean, 25 kilometres off the Coast of Mainland TANZANIA, comprises many small islands – the largest of them being UNGUJA and PEMBA.

The 2002 Census, the most recent, shows the ZANZIBAR population at 984-THOUSAND-625, with about TWO-THIRDS of the people living on UNGUJA or ZANZIBAR Island, most of them settled in the densely populated west.

Besides ZANZIBAR CITY, other towns on UNGUJA include CHAANI, CHWAKA, MBWENI, MANGAPWANI, and NUNGWI; while outside the urban centres most people live in small villages of farmers and fishermen.

ZANZIBAR has diverse ethnic origins, with the FIRST permanent residents seeming to have been the ancestors of the BANTU, HADIMU, and TUMBATU, who began arriving from the AFRICAN Great Lakes mainland around AD-ONE-THOUSAND.

However, President SHEIN says all ZANZIBAR land is under the government and nobody has the right to occupy open areas on the islands unlawfully.

He has urged people to follow the right procedures whenever they want to reside anywhere, saying persons who invaded and built houses in the area have breached the law and have to vacate.

The ZANZIBAR Leader has commended SOUTH UNGUJA Regional Commissioner for removing the trespassers, saying the State never permitted use of the area for residential purposes./Sabanews/cam