WINDHOEK – The pressure group LANDLESS PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT, LPM, of NAMIBIA has applied to the Electoral Commission to register as a political party.

Landless People’s Movement Leader Bernadus Swartbooi (Pic. The Namibian)

Logistics and Events National Co-ordinator IVAN SKRYWER has led the delegation that handed in their letter this (THURSDAY) morning at his office in the capital, WINDHOEK.

Commission Director THEO MUJORO has received the application and explained the process to the LPM leadership, saying he will contact the group when registration is complete.

The national broadcaster says the Constitution requires an application for new party to include proof of about THREE-THOUSAND-500 registered members, who hold voters’ cards, and a registration fee of 25-THOUSAND NAMIBIA dollars.

Meanwhile, THE NAMIBIAN quotes the LPM Chief Campaigner as saying his group is GOD fearing, and it will restore the dignity of people if elected into power during the 2019 national elections.

BERNADUS SWARTBOOI says people in urban areas will get free plots of land within the FIRST 100 days, and the LPM will expropriate farmland measuring TWO-MILLION.

However, he does not say whether, or not, the group that advocates for ancestral land restitution will expropriate land without compensation.

Mr SWARTBOOI says they want to reduce the size of the Cabinet, and the number of parastatals, as well as trim the government by merging some ministries into one in order to save the nation billions of dollars.

He has pledged job creation, especially for the youth, unlike the current administration that he claims focuses on a building model to allow politicians and permanent secretaries to line their pockets through shady construction tenders.

Mr SWARTBOOI has condemned the government for excluding the LPM from the planned OCTOBER Land Conference, which he also calls an agenda to marginalise further people who have already lost their land.

The NAMIBIAN pressure group leader has ruled out the ability of the HAGE GEINGOB Administration to deal with the land, alleging the State will be another respondent in land claims./Sabanews/cam

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