VICTORIA – The SEYCHELLES Ministry of Health is localising eye surgery services in partnership with the TEACHING EYE SURGERY FOUNDATION of SWITZERLAND.

Seychelles opens first surgical service on the island nation (Pic. SNA)

The INDIAN Ocean island country has a five-year plan aimed to stop external attention for different ailments of the eye, and the State has managed to open its FIRST domestic surgical facility.

SEYCHELLES says ONE of the services now available is vitreoretinal surgery, which involves surgical procedures on the retina at the back of the eye.

It says Health Minister JEAN-PAUL ADAM has addressed the media this week, saying with this latest development, the country is on track with its vision to domesticate all eye surgeries within FIVE years.

He says the TEACHING EYE SURGERY FOUNDATION is not only helping with a donation of medical equipment, but also with training to build the capacity of staff at the new unit.

Minister ADAM says they have a long-term partnership with the SWISS-based Foundation, which has made it possible for the Ministry to carry out the vitreoretinal surgery locally.

He has also commended the dedication and work of Professor CYRUS TABATABAY, Founder and President of TEACHING EYE SURGERY FOUNDATION.

The veteran surgeon this month undertook his THIRD consultative trip to the Ophthalmology Unit at SEYCHELLES Hospital; TWO years after the Ministry signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the foundation in 2016.

SNA says the Professor normally makes TWO visits per year to SEYCHELLES, and during the latest leg, he helped to set up the service as well as with the FIRST FOUR procedures.

The Consultant in Charge of the Ophthalmology Unit at SEYCHELLES Hospital, ROLAND BARBE, has explained some of the immediate benefits of the vitreoretinal operations.

He says the service will help address the large number of diabetic patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy who need such attention, unlike the present situation where they have to go to INDIA or SRI LANKA.

The SEYCHELLES Health Minister says the process is lengthy and dedicated, but the State has long term plans to do most vitreoretinal surgical cases locally; with only the most complex cases referred for overseas treatment./Sabanews/cam

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