HARARE – Police in ZIMBABWE have arrested a Member of Parliament for alleged corrupt activities during his tenure as Cabinet Member under former dictator ROBERT MUGABE.

NYANGA SOUTH Legislator SUPA MANDIWANZIRA, who is former Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security Minister faces allegations of criminal abuse of office.

Supa Mandiwanzira (Pic. Zimbabwe Mail)

THE HERALD says Mr MANDIWANZIRA has handed himself over to authorities soon after his return from an overseas trip.

It says the National Police Spokesperson has confirmed the arrest of the politician, saying he will spend tonight at MATAPI Police Station before appearing in court tomorrow (WEDNESDAY).

Assistant Commissioner PAUL NYATHI says Mr MANDIWANZIRA faces TWO counts of criminal abuse of office under the Criminal Law, Codification and Reform, Act.

The suspect allegedly engaged MEGAWATT Company to do consultancy work for NET-ONE, a parastatal, without going to tender and directed NET-ONE to pay FIVE-MILLION US dollars to the said company.

His arrest comes amid what looks like a serious drive by the EMMERSON MNANGAGWA Administration against widespread white-collar crimes in both the public and private sectors of the battered economy.

In a related development, the High Court has issued a warrant of arrest against former Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Deputy Minister GODFREY GANDAWA.

Godfreey Gandawa (Pic. Sunday News)

The accused, who is facing 14 counts of fraud and criminal abuse of office, has been due to appear before Justice TAWANDA CHITAPI for trial but failed to turn up for his trial.

Prosecutor CLEMENT CHIMBARI applied for Mr GANDAWA’s arrest, before the Court issued a non-bailable arrest warrant.

Defence Lawyer BERNARD CHIDZIVA has told the High Court Judge he last saw his client before the general elections held on 30 JULY this year.

The Anti-Corruption Commission arrested Mr GANDAWA last year together with ZIMBABWE Manpower Development Fund, ZIMDEF Principal Finance Director NICHOLAS MAPUTE.

The authorities accuse the TWO men of stealing more than 400-THOUSAND US dollars from the parastatal, in a case that also involves former Higher Education Minister JONATHAN MOYO.

Jonathan Moyo (Pic. Agencies)

Scores of former as well as current ministers and officials have reportedly milked the ZIMBABWEAN economy dry under the watch of the past government, which was toppled by military-backed mass protests last NOVEMBER./Sabanews/cam



DAR ES SALAAM – The authorities in TANZANIA say they have not chased the EUROPEAN UNION Ambassador out of the country as reported in the media.

Tanzania AntiRiot Police (Pic. Agencies)

Foreign Affairs and East AFRICAN Cooperation Minister AUGUSTINE MAHIGA says the EU has recalled ROELAND VAN DE GEER after discussions between the TWO sides, but he does not give details.

EU delegation ambassador Roeland Van de Geer (Pic. ESI Africa)

RADIO TANZANIA says his statement comes as a response to news reports this weekend claiming the State had sent the vocal EUROPEAN UNION Envoy packing, for undisclosed reasons.

Minister MAHIGA has broken the silence on the saga in the commercial capital, DAR ES SALAAM, shortly after addressing a meeting of international organisations working in the SADC country.

The news of the sudden departure of Ambassador VAN DE GEER, who also doubled as the EU Representative to the EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY, broke last FRIDAY night after widespread rumours since midweek.

The national broadcaster says the word quickly spread and attracted wide debate on different platforms, with commentators offering divergent views about the manner in which the Envoy left the country.

A Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations, BENARD ACHIULA, has agreed with the Minister saying the recall of Ambassador VAN DE GEER is a normal embassy development.

RADIO TANZANIA says he will be the SECOND high-ranking diplomat to leave in recent years, following the expulsion of UNITED NATIONS Development Program country boss, Ms AWA DABO, in APRIL 2017.

The EU has recalled its official, allegedly, after what it calls the decline of the human rights and rule of law in TANZANIA, where ONE regional official has called for the exposure and arrests of homosexuals.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS quotes an EU statement as saying it will be carrying out a broad review of ties with the JOHN MAGUFULI Administration, but the group does not mention the issues of concern.

However, the development comes amid fears of a looming crackdown against homosexuals after DAR ES SALAAM Commissioner PAUL MAKONDA addressed the media in the city.

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda (Pic. The Citizen)

He has called on citizens to look out for suspected gays and lesbians and report their activities to the police; but the government says his statement is his own opinion, not State policy.

The authorities say they will continue to abide by all global accords on human rights to which it has committed, and it protects all human rights guaranteed in the National Constitution.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS also says an official with the TANZANIA HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS COALITION has condemned the call by the DAR ES SALAAM Commissioner.

It quotes ONESMO OLENGURUMWA as saying the call by Mr MAKONDA for a crackdown on gays and lesbians violates the right to privacy and infringes on basic human rights.

Nevertheless, Commissioner MAKONDA has told journalists he aims to end homosexuality and prostitution in the country, and members of the public have already sent names of more than 200 suspected homosexuals to the police.

Homosexuality is a crime in TANZANIA and as well as many other AFRICAN countries, whose people often see the practice as something being imported from the WEST./Sabanews/cam



CHIPATA – The government of ZAMBIA says it is very concerned about the high prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the EASTERN Province.

Ndola Central Hospital Staff (Pic. ZNBC)

Health Minister CHITALU CHILUFYA has revealed the region recorded alarming numbers of new infections in the recent past, with CHIPATA and PETAUKE areas leading the rest.

He says there is need to screen, test, and treat more people to achieve the 90-90-90 targets, which the Joint UNITED NATIONS Program on HIV and AIDS, UNAIDS, and its partners launched in 2014.

The scheme aims to diagnose 90 percent of all HIV-positive persons, give antiretroviral therapy, or ART, for 90 percent of diagnosed cases, and achieve viral suppression for 90 percent of treated patients by 2020.

Minister CHILUFYA says the primary concern of the ZAMBIAN Government is human capital, hence the need to have a healthy workforce for economic development.

ZNBC News says the Cabinet Member has made the comments in CHIPATA Town during the launch of the 2018 to 2019 HIV Epidemic Control Surge Campaign.

It says Senior Chief MADZIMAWE of the NGONI people of CHIPATA has commended the government and cooperating partners for their efforts towards the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The national broadcaster also quotes UNITED STATES Ambassador DANIEL FOOTE as saying Human Immuno-deficiency Virus, which causes AIDS, is no longer a death sentence like before.

The AMERICAN Envoy says the infection has now become a chronic condition under which a person can lead a healthy life.

A 2016 report by the OPEN AIDS JOURNAL says world trends in HIV infection show an overall increase in frequency and substantial declines in AIDS related deaths largely due to the survival benefits of antiretroviral treatment.

With more than 70 percent of the global infections, and despite scaled up treatments, Sub SAHARAN AFRICA accounted for 74 percent of the ONE-POINT-FIVE-MILLION AIDS related deaths in 2013.

Research shows SWAZILAND, with more than 27 percent of the population living with HIV and AIDS, has the highest rate of infection worldwide, while BOTSWANA, with about 22 percent of the population living with the disease, has the SECOND largest prevalence rate globally./Sabanews/cam



WINDHOEK – Fuel prices in NAMIBIA are going up again, for the FIFTH time this year.

Vivo Energy Shell branded fuel service station in Windhoek Lafrenz industrial area (Pic. PetrolWorld)

Mines and Energy Minister TOM ALWEENDO says the latest round of increases will be effective from tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) night.

He says petrol will now cost 13 NAMIBIA dollars 58 cents per litre and all grades of diesel will be 14 NAMIBIA dollars 40 cents per litre.

Minister ALWEENDO says continued depreciation of the NAMIBIA dollar against the US dollar has contributed to the rising cost of fuel.

Prices had remained unchanged from FEBRUARY to JUNE this year, when petrol cost 11 NAMIBIA dollars 70 cents per litre.

The FIRST fuel price increases were in JUNE, when the cost of petrol went up 60 cents and diesel prices rose above 12 NAMIBIA dollars 30 cents.

Prices went up the following month to bring the cost of petrol to 12 dollars 40 cents per litre and 12 dollars 55 cents within weeks.

Fuel prices increased by 40 cents a litre in SEPTEMBER, and the latest increases have pushed up the cost by a further 50 cents per litre for petrol and 70 cents per litre for diesel.

The cost of fuel, both petrol and diesel, in NAMIBIA is State-regulated, which means there will be uniform prices at every fuel station at any given time./Sabanews/cam