LUSAKA – The Government of ZAMBIA has warned its nationals to avoid involvement in efforts to eject CHINESE investors from the country through violent actions.

Justice Minister GIVEN LUBINDA says there is an economic war against CHINA, and it is wrong for nationals of his SADC country to join such a fight.

He has described it as unfortunate that some ZAMBIANS are taking the law in their own hands by attacking the foreigners who have come into the country to invest.

Minister LUBINDA says recent xenophobic attacks on CHINESE nationals are unfortunate, and he has urged citizens to use better means to channel their grievances if they have any.

However, he says ZAMBIA has adequate laws to guarantee the safety of investors, domestic and foreign.

Minister LUBINDA says it is saddening some political leaders are inciting ZAMBIANS to rise against the State decision to engage the CHINESE in some developmental projects.

He has made the statement in the ETHIOPIAN capital, ADDIS ABABA, shortly before going to ROME for 10TH Anniversary of the Campaign against the Death Penalty.

The police have reportedly arrested the opposition UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT leader for allegedly encouraging attacks against CHINESE nationals.

Media reports say HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, who last year spent FOUR months in detention for alleged treason, has since been set free.

They quote COPPERBELT Provincial Police Chief CHARITY KATANGA as saying the politician allegedly accused the State of selling a national timber company to the CHINESE.

The official says the statement caused street protests in the SECOND largest city, KITWE, where some CHINESE businesses were looted before the arrest of scores of protesters.

News agencies say anti-CHINESE sentiments in ZAMBIA have increased over lucrative contracts CHINA is securing from the government, which is also borrowing heavily from BEIJING.

Other earlier reports say the ZAMBIAN Mission in CHINA has dismissed a story about a ZAMBIAN student allegedly was brutally beaten and is battling for his life in the ASIAN country.

They say Acting Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary WINNIE CHIBESAKUNDA has trashed the allegations after having contacted the ZAMBIAN Mission in BEIJING.

The developments in ZAMBIA come amid heightening anti-CHINESE propaganda casting CHINESE nationals in bad light following a ruthless global economic war for influence between CHINA and the WEST.

In JULY this year, the SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST reported the engagement with AFRICA has fast-tracked over the decades as the CHINA eyes the world’s SECOND largest continent for chances for economic growth and geopolitical influence.

It says the visits by President XI JINPING to SENEGAL, RWANDA, SOUTH AFRICA, and MAURITIUS were his FIRST overseas trips in 2018, aimed to build ties as well as extend CHINESE influence in AFRICA.

CHINESE investments in ZAMBIA range from mining interests in the COPPERBELT to assets in agriculture, manufacturing, as well as tourism; and as of FEBRUARY 2011, CHINESE are running a total of 25 farms in ZAMBIA./Sabanews/cam

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