WINDHOEK – Fuel prices in NAMIBIA are going up again, for the FIFTH time this year.

Vivo Energy Shell branded fuel service station in Windhoek Lafrenz industrial area (Pic. PetrolWorld)

Mines and Energy Minister TOM ALWEENDO says the latest round of increases will be effective from tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) night.

He says petrol will now cost 13 NAMIBIA dollars 58 cents per litre and all grades of diesel will be 14 NAMIBIA dollars 40 cents per litre.

Minister ALWEENDO says continued depreciation of the NAMIBIA dollar against the US dollar has contributed to the rising cost of fuel.

Prices had remained unchanged from FEBRUARY to JUNE this year, when petrol cost 11 NAMIBIA dollars 70 cents per litre.

The FIRST fuel price increases were in JUNE, when the cost of petrol went up 60 cents and diesel prices rose above 12 NAMIBIA dollars 30 cents.

Prices went up the following month to bring the cost of petrol to 12 dollars 40 cents per litre and 12 dollars 55 cents within weeks.

Fuel prices increased by 40 cents a litre in SEPTEMBER, and the latest increases have pushed up the cost by a further 50 cents per litre for petrol and 70 cents per litre for diesel.

The cost of fuel, both petrol and diesel, in NAMIBIA is State-regulated, which means there will be uniform prices at every fuel station at any given time./Sabanews/cam

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