SESFONTEIN – NAMIBIA has reported an outbreak of anthrax in the SESFONTEIN Area of the north-western region of KUNENE.

Their livestock is in danger from anthrax (Pic. Agencies)

Ministry of Agriculture Public Relations Officer MAGRETH KALO has issued a statement saying the outbreak has affected at least 13 people in SESFONTEIN.

She says 35 community members also ate meat from livestock that died in the SESRIEM veld area, but there has been no report of human deaths so far.

However, a total of 92 small stock like goats, THREE head of cattle and THREE donkeys died of anthrax at the beginning of this month in SESFONTEIN.

Ms KALO says the Agriculture and Health ministries are collaborating in efforts to contain the outbreak and have informed all farmers and other people in the area about the dangers of the disease.

Medical experts say anthrax symptoms and signs in humans include swollen and painful lymph glands, vomiting, abdominal pain, headaches, loss of appetite, fever, and sore throats.

NBC News says veterinary officers are investigating the disease within a radius of 30 kilometres of affected kraals, vaccinating exposed cattle, sheep, and goats in and around.

Meanwhile, more than 200 families in the neighbouring region of OHANGWENA have refused to barred health teams spraying against malaria into their homes.

The national broadcaster says the indoor residual spraying campaign started about TWO months ago, with the aim to scale up malaria control and eliminate the disease.

However, it says the efforts will not produce the desired results after some communities have refused to cooperate with the spray teams.

The Health and Social Services Ministry is also experiencing vehicle shortages, since it only has 20 of them available – as opposed to 43 required for 205 spray operators.

The Malaria Spray Program targets malaria-prone areas such as the NAMIBIA-ANGOLA Border, OKONGO and EENHANA municipalities.

The NAMIBIAN Anti-malaria campaign targets to spray more than 300-THOUSAND-500 households in OHANGWENA Region, which this year recorded ONE-THOUSAND-654 malaria cases and 29 fatalities./Sabanews/cam

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