JOHANNESBURG – The SADC Region continues to run program aimed to bring awareness about malaria, ONE of the biggest killer disease in Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA.

The female mosquito, a silent killer (Image Agencies)

The 16-member economic bloc commemorates the SADC Malaria Day on SIX NOVEMBER each year in a bid to reduce infections by the life-threatening disease.

SABC News says the SADC Malaria Day, according to the SOUTH AFRICAN Government website, aims to mobilise communities to take part in anti-malaria campaign programs.

The authorities expect the activities to help people recognise signs and symptoms of malaria, provide more home-based treatment, or seek treatment when ill, and use personal protective measure.

The WHO says malaria is a life-threatening illness caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected female mosquitoes.

It says the about THREE-POINT-TWO-BILLION, almost HALF the world population, are at risk of malaria.

Young children, pregnant women, and non-immune travellers from malaria-free areas are particularly vulnerable to the disease when they become infected.

However, malaria is preventable and curable, and increased efforts are dramatically reducing the malaria burden in many places.

The World Health Organisation says Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA carries a high share of the global malaria burden; and in 2015, the region recorded 89 percent of malaria cases and 91 percent of malaria deaths./Sabanews/cam

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