LUANDA – UNITED STATES President DONALD TRUMP has commended ANGOLAN Head of State JOÃO LOURENÇO for his reforms and the fight against corruption in the SADC country.

US President Donald Trump (Pic. EuroNews)

The AMERICAN Presidential Special Assistant and Senior Director for AFRICAN Affairs in the National Security Council has delivered the WHITE House communication.

CYRIL SARTOR conveyed the approval message during a meeting with the ANGOLAN Head of State in the capital, LUANDA.

He says his delegation has come with the spirit of friendship and they recognise the great steps President LOURENCO and the new leadership of ANGOLA have made so far.

Mr SARTO has addressed the media at the Presidential Palace, saying the government efforts show determination to transform the country and fight against corruption and open it to global trade.

Presidential Palace in Luanda (Pic. Angop)

He says ANGOLA is a key country in the new AMERICAN Foreign Policy Strategy for AFRICA and he hopes to strengthen the ties in economic sectors and improve governance.

The UNITED STATES official also says relations between the TWO countries have a strategic focus, which covers what he describes as other issues apart from oil.

The AMERICAN Presidential Special Assistant says he has dealt with regional and international issues with President JOÃO LOURENÇO.

Cyril Sarto (Pic. Angop)

CYRIL SARTOR, described as a master in AFRICAN history with more than 30 years’ experience, was Deputy Director of the Mission of the AMERICAN Intelligence Agency, CIA, in AFRICA.

While the commendation by the UNITED STATES President may be welcome in ANGOLA, critics view the move as a way to ambush the SADC country and swindle it out for its oil and other resources.

The anxiety comes amid accusations against AMERICA, which now fully has its sights on AFRICAN nations, of trying to control the world oil reserves peacefully or violenty.

White House stands accused of training and arming rebel groups in IRAQ, LIBYA, SYRIA, and, of late, VENEZUELA, under the pretext of bringing democracy, the rule of law and human rights to the target nations.

A large AMERICAN military deployment from 2003 to 2011 in IRAQ overthrew the rule of SADDAM HUSSEIN and killed the Head of State after accusing him falsely of having weapons of mass destruction.

The Shorja market in central Baghdad, bustling in early April, was targeted in US attacks in 2007 (Pic. Agencies)

This time, witnesses say IRAQ has begun to slip into anarchy when it used to be a much happier and safer place to live.

The same situation obtains in LIBYA, where there used to be no electricity bill; no interest on loans; with a home seen as a human right; and all newlyweds receiving more than 34-THOUSAND BRITISH pounds to buy their FIRST apartment.

Even education and health care were free; would-be farmers got land, a house, equipment, seeds, and livestock to kick start their farms – all for free; new car owners bought them for HALF the cost, with the government subsidising 50 percent of the price.

The price of petrol in LIBYA was 12 US cents and the country had no external debt, with reserves amounting to some 134-BILLION-246-MILLION-595-THOUSAND US dollars – all of which is now frozen worldwide by AMERICA.

Armed groups roam the streets of Libya day and night nowadays (Pic. Agencies)

Records show the murdered President MUAMMAR GADDAFI constructed the largest irrigation scheme in the world – the Great Manmade River Project, to water the whole desert country.

Just FOUR years, in 2015, after the so-called ARAB Spring protests that became an armed rebellion and killed GADDAFI, LIBYA was torn between TWO governments and scores of militia groups; and things are getting worse.

The so-called SYRIAN Civil War began in 2011 when the UNITED STATES gave rebels of the FREE SYRIAN Army help like food and pickup trucks, before quickly providing training, money, and intelligence to selected rebel commanders.

Research shows there were TWO AMERICAN attempts to assist SYRIAN dissidents: the 2014 PENTAGON scheme to train and equip 15-THOUSAND rebels, which was cancelled a year later after spending 500-MILLION US dollars and producing only a few dozen fighters.

When ‘The World’ interferes in your affairs, this is what happens – This is Syria burning (Pic. The Atlantic)

The CIA also ran a more successful simultaneous covert program of ONE-BILLION US dollars that suffered demolition by RUSSIAN bombing, before the TRUMP Administration cancelled it in mid-2017: and AMERICA is pulling out of SYRIA.

Current media reports say CUBA has denied having troops in VENEZUELA as alleged by the UNITED STATES; which has since openly indicated it wants to impose a puppet regime in the country, even militarily, and is calling on President NICOLAS MADURO to give way.

The reports say President DONALD TRUMP and his officials accuse CUBA of controlling VENEZUELAN security forces and having troops on the ground.

CUBAN Foreign Minister BRUNO RODRIGUEZ has denied the charges and described them as a slander; saying all of the 20-THOUSAND CUBANS in VENEZUELA are mostly civilian health professionals.

He says there is a big political and propaganda campaign going on, which is what AMERICA always does ahead of military action against governments that defy its orders.

The TRUMP Administration is trying to force VENEZUELAN President MADURO to step down and hand over power to the Head of the National Assembly, JUAN GUAIDO; but critics say AMERICA cares not for the domestic politics except for oil.

ANGOLA is the SECOND largest oil producing country in Sub-SAHARAN AFRICA and an OPEC member, with output of about ONE-POINT-55-MILLION barrels of oil per day and about 18-MILLION cubic feet of natural gas production.

CYRIL SARTOR says the UNITED STATES will include ANGOLA among AFRICAN countries like NIGERIA and KENYA to benefit from financing and technical support to boost their economic activities.

However, there is wide speculation that the AMERICAN Government is systematically selecting THIRD WORLD countries to exploit for oil through a variety of means like financial aid or military intervention./Sabanews/cam