WINDHOEK – The SOUTHERN AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY, SADC, has repeated the call for Western powers to lift economic sanctions against ZIMBABWE and stop interfering in the affairs of other sovereign nations.

SADC leaders finally vocal (Pic. The Namibian)

President HAGE GEINGOB of NAMIBIA, who chairs the economic bloc, has also issued a statement calling on all political players to cooperate with the government for the benefit of the country.

His comments come after a briefing from President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA to the Consultative Meeting of the SADC Heads of State and Government, held on the NINTH of this month.

President GEINGOB says regional leaders have seen the intense and continuous efforts by the new government to address national challenges and transform the economy.

He says the efforts are particularly visible in the ZIMBABWE Transitional Stabilization Program 2018 to 2020, as well as in the visible moves to consolidate national unity and peace.

Nevertheless, the SADC Chairperson says some internal groups, mainly NGOs getting support from external forces, have continued with counter attempts to destabilise the country.

Such groups have recently taken advantage of fuel price hikes meant to arrest biting economic challenges and staged violent protests that got a number of people killed and caused enormous property destruction nationwide.

The SADC leaders say the demonstrations had nothing to do with the increased fuel costs but were a scheme meant to destabilise the country; and they have expressed sympathy with the affected families for the loss of their loved ones and their property.

On the other hand, SADC says ZIMBABWE is working hard to transform the economy and bring about prosperity to the people, but the illegal sanctions imposed on the country since early 2000 are affecting the struggle.

The 16-member economic bloc says it stands in solidarity with the government of ZIMBABWE and its people, and it is calling on the Western powers to lift the embargo unconditionally.

SADC has further called on the opposition to stop soliciting for wicked support for a regime change agenda; and join the MNANGAGWA Administration in a national political dialogue that aims to strengthening economic transformation.

The renewed push from the regional grouping comes amid serious campaigns by opposition MDC ALLIANCE Leader NELSON CHAMISA to force his way into the echelons of power through a Government of National Unity.

Nelson Chamisa struggles to force formation of GNU (Pic. Agencies)

Mr CHAMISA enjoys massive support from privately-run, well-funded, media outlets against a poorly-resourced national broadcaster and an equally poorly-financed newspaper group run by the State.

Research has revealed the deadly opposition political lobby and the massive media campaign against the new government in ZIMBABWE enjoys generous external support, mainly from the UNITED STATES.

The DONALD TRUMP Administration is not only destabilising the SADC country but has earned the reputation of trying to unseat constitutionally elected governments elsewhere as well, and replace them with pseudo opposition political groups.

The SADC Chairperson has this month issued a statement on events in the BOLIVARIAN Republic of VENEZUELA, where AMERICAN Vice President MIKE PENCE has ushered in an opposition leader as President – with full support from WHITE HOUSE.

President Nicolas Maduro (right) facing a coup (Pic. Agencies)

President HAGE GEINGOB says the SADC notes with concern the attempts by leaders of such countries to interfere in the affairs and sovereignty of VENEZUELA.

He says such nations have sought to undermine an elected government under President NICOLAS MADURO MOROS by proclaiming JUAN GUAIDO MARQUEZ as Interim Head of State.

President GEINGOB says the SADC condemns such violations of the values of International Law, especially the respect for sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of independent States.

He says the people of the BOLIVARIAN Republic of VENEZUELA expressed their political choices through Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in DECEMBER 2015 and MAY 2018 respectively.

However, just like in the ZIMBABWE presidential election last NOVEMBER, the UNITED STATES has encouraged VENEZUELAN opposition leader GUAIDO to take over power from the elected Head of State.

Media reports say, faced with US-led economic sanctions President MADURO has reached out to Pope FRANCIS to seek help to bring about a peaceful solution to the crisis in VENEZUELA. It is not clear yet how the VATICAN has responded.

Just like in ZIMBABWE where Mr CHAMISA tried to inaugurate himself as President even after losing in the Constitutional Court, Mr GUAIDÓ declared himself Head of State on 23 JANUARY after speaking to US Vice President MIKE PENCE.

Trump and Pence conniving to effect random regime changes (Pic. France 24)

Vice President PENCE pledged to the politician support from the TRUMP Administration, after which countries like AUSTRIA, BRITAIN, DENMARK, FRANCE, GERMANY, SPAIN and SWEDEN towed the same line.

However, the US television program, DEMOCRACY NOW, says ITALY has blocked an EU statement recognising Mr GUAIDÓ, while IRELAND and GREECE support new elections but do not recognise the GUAIDÓ presidency.

The broadcaster says TWO major powers, CHINA and RUSSIA, have condemned the AMERICAN move in VENEZUELA out-and-out, which is also the stance taken by the SADC Region.

The call by the SADC leaders for powerful nations in the West to stop interfering in the affairs of poor countries may be the beginning of an era where the THIRD WORLD refuse to be bullied about their domestic affairs./Sabanews/cam

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